A Little July in October

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It has been brought to my attention that the audio on Jolly Mary didn't sound right. So, I have uploaded a different version of this song as a separate download here. Please let me know if there are any other problems.

July- S/T

This UK psychedelic gem is out of print in the US, but it can be purchased here in an expensive Japanese import edition. As far as I know, this is the only slab of wax that July ever recorded. Epic Records released this record at the height of psych rock's popularity in 1968. Unfortunately, the band received very little fanfare and disbanded a year after their inception. Lead vocalist, Tom Newman, would become renowned as the recording engineer for Mike Oldfield's instrumental concept album Tubular Bells, while lead guitarist Tony Duhig and multi-instrumentalist Jon Field went on to form prog/art rock band Jade Warrior.

With phased vocal effects, blistering fuzz guitar and an extremely infectious chorus, "My Clown" stands to be one of the most sought after psychedelic gems of the late 60's. Other standouts on the record includes the reverb soaked blues psych of "Dandelion Seeds"; the dynamic fuzz-guitar infused "You Missed It All" and "Crying Is For Writers", and the carnivalesque Kinks-influenced "Hello Who's There". Fans of Beatles circa White Album and Pink Floyd's first two records will adore this record.

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Anonymous said…
Awesome! The song "Jolly Mary" seems to be screwed up, though (the file, that is).
Anonymous said…
thank you for this
kindsaluv said…
thank you so much
Kevin said…
Anon 1, Anon 2 and kindsaluv: Thanks for checking July out. I feel that it is one of the lost albums of the late 60's psych period that shows off a lot of experimental talent. Keep checking back for more rare stuff.

Best, Kevin
Joel said…
Wow...thanks so much. I'm a Tom Neuman fan but this was completely off my radar. Love your blog.
The Sw!ms said…
Absolutely one of my favorite psych pop albums of all time! "July's 2nd" is pretty great too!
taro nombei said…
A classic album from that late-60s UK rock/psych crucible...

More info on Tom Newman/July here:

The label was Major Minor; I seem to recall it came out in 68.


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