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Plain Brown Wrappers #10- The Epiphany

First things first. During the month of January, The I Hear a New World podcast has exceeded the monthly quota of 15 Gigs alotted by Podomatic for the basic subscription. While this a fantastic thing, it also means that readers won't be able to partake in listening to the podcast until the quota is reset on January 31st. I wish I could upgrade to the "Pro" subscription, but I just don't have the financial resources to do this right now. One thing that puzzles me is that, while my show has exceeded the monthly bandwidth quota for the first time, it has not exactly been one of the highest rated podcasts on Podomatic this month.  I have noticed that you can still listen to the most recent podcasts uploaded on Eclectic Grooves, but the entire archive of I Hear a New World will be inaccessible until January 31st. I am told that those who try to listen to the podcast until this date receive the following message basically asking listeners to donate money so that they can …

Best Albums of 2010 Part 2

Hopefully, I've whet your appetite for adventurous music with the first installment of my picks for the Best Albums of 2010. Judging by the comments, at least some of the artists featured in the first part of the list were new to the readers.  My only hope in doing these lists is that I am able to turn some of you on to music that you haven't heard of yet. With that being said, let's get on to the second installment of the Best Albums of 2010. Please drop a comment to let me know what albums and artists made your list in 2010.

21) Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush to Relax

You wouldn't expect that a gang of office workers who met at a Christmas office party would be capable of producing the ecstatic, adrenaline-fueled garage punk of Rush to Relax. But the off-the-rails vocal delivery of Eddy Current combined with the blistering guitar solos of Brendan Suppression help make this an album worth revisiting again and again.

Listen: I Got a Feeling and Second Guessing