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All Hallows Eve

The 2014 Halloween edition of the I Hear a New World Podcast is available to listen to here, and to listen/download at

Every year around the first of October, I start compiling another batch of songs for the Halloween podcast. After scouring through a massive folder filled with tracks that barely missed the cut from previous mixes, I completed the final track sequencing a couple days ago. While I was in the process of adding the tracks into Audacity today, it crashed right before I was about to add the last song. Damn computers!  I had been working on this for over 2 hours, and had lost my entire project.  While I felt like throwing in the towel, I powered through and recreated the entire mix in Audacity, though this time I saved my changes every time I added a track. I guess this is all part of the creative process, but it certainly threw a monkey-wrench in my day.

Those of you who recall my mix from last year, will be glad to know that this year…