Eclectic Grooves Turns the Page

It's hard to believe that Eclectic Grooves has already been around for a year. It seems like just yesterday that I posted to Blogger for the first time. While the year hasn't been as prolific or productive as I would have liked, I feel that it has been a great year in many ways. In honor of my one year aniversary, I am reposting a link to the Evan Parker live show at the 411 Club- Portland, Oregon that was first posted on here last December. This concert featured Evan Parker on saxophones, Alexander Von Schlippenbach on Piano and Paul Lytton on drums. It was recorded on mindisc by yours truly, and it is an amazing reproduction of the concert with an amazing sonic clarity that makes you feel like you are actually there. I am not going to go into detail here, since I am still getting over a cold. However, please visit the original post for more information and enjoy the re-up of this amazing performance. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by throughout the past year, and helped to make Eclectic Grooves what it is today. I'll be back soon with some ghoulish posts in spirit of the Halloween season.

Your comments are always appreciated!


Richard said…
Congratulations on your first year!

Keep up the good work - it's appreciated. :-)

Anonymous said…
Thanks for your contributions - most educating! Power to the bloggers - spread the music - support the artists.
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work!!! I guess I missed out on the cake & ice cream for the 1 yr celebration; that's ok, it's all about the music anyhow and thanks to your blog I'm learning more about a lot of music I never knew about. Thanks, ALF
Zoe said…
Congratulations, and have a lovely celebration. Thanks for all the great music, information, and inspiration.
Kevin said…
Zoe, Richard, Anon 1 and ALF:

Thanks for the kind words about my blog. It is definitely a labor of love, and I intend on posting more often and getting people more engaged with the site. Keep checking back, and feel free to request something that you would like to see here.

Best, Kevin
Kitty LeClaw said…
These are **amazing** !!!

Thank you :)

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