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Question and Answer

Hello to all of the dedicated readers of this blog. I am requesting some ideas from you guys on how to make this blog a place that is more like a music community. When I first started Eclectic Grooves back in October of 2006, I had delusions of grandeur that it could become a thriving community for music junkies to share their thoughts/ideas about music. However after being in operation over a year-and-a-half, this has not been the case. Now, I realize that generally people download music and forget where they got it from later, and that leaving a comment doesn't even cross their minds. But, I have to say that the ratio of comments to downloads is pitiful lately. There has been two comments posted on the Ornette Coleman live show I posted on here, and it has been downloaded over 200 times. How am I supposed to know what you think of the music if you aren't leaving comments?

I know that other blogs like And It Don't Stop and Hippedetrippi have decided to go private with an …

Whirling Dervish Cocktail Mix

I don't think this has ever happened since I've started this blog, but I am posting for the second time today. The previous post was more of a re-up anyway, so here you go. As I was compiling this mix, I didn't realize that almost all of the artists were from a foreign country. I just happen to listen to a lot of international music and the flow of this mix went in that direction.
Here is the tracklist for the mix:

Whirling Dervish Cocktail

1) Tambu- Hear When De Duppy Ba- 1:50 (Jamaica)- Short bursts of melodic chanting and tribal drumming that make you feel like you are in the middle of a drum circle in the jungles of Africa 2) Tobacco feat Aesop Rock- Dirt- 4:03 (America)- Producer of Black Moth Super Rainbow recruits the master of verbal linguistics, Aesop Rock, to add hip-hop flavor to this distorted electro-rock music 3) Melt Banana- Like a White Bat in a Box, Dead Matters Go On- 3:34 (Japan)- hyper speed punk-pop excursion from this experimental band from Japan
4) Volcan…

Sonic Explorations of the Varitone

I am going to try to correlate two events that have happened recently in my life, even though they don't really have anything to do with each other. Throughout my life, people have told me that I have a strong intuitive sense about people, places and things around me. For example, I could always tell when a girlfriend was about to break up with me, or when someone close to me was in trouble. Granted, if your significant other hasn't called you in days, and is seeming distant when you are together, that's obviously a tell-tale sign that something is wrong.

But, the intuition I have is not as simple as that. After two weeks of obsessively listening to the music of Eddie Harris, I decided to write a post dedicated to his mastery of the Selmer varitone saxophone. Two days later, I notice that he is one of the main features in the latest Wax Poetics, and I hadn't heard about him being featured or read the article. Is this a coincidence? Maybe, but this isn't the first ti…