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The Fall of the Media Empire

After the prolific month of January on Eclectic Grooves, I have been mostly absent from the blogging universe in February. During this time, numerous file-sharing services such as Filesonic, 4-Shared and W-Upload have taken protective measures to ensure that they are not targeted by the RIAA and taken to court for violating copyright laws. Further, blogs including No Longer Forgotten Music, Mutant Sounds, Global Groove and Madrotter have lost their entire library of music due to these changes, and others like Freedom Blues and and Holy Warbles have had their site removed by Blogger because they were suspected of copyright infringement.

Due to these developments,  I have taken the time to reassess what my intention is for Eclectic Grooves moving forward.  I will no longer be featuring downloads for full albums that are still in print and will be circumspect about featuring full albums at all until the dust settles from this file-sharing shakedown.  What this means is that I will be fo…