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Choice Cuts Vol.4

It is once again time for me to reach back in the refrigerator for some "choice cuts". Each time, I will be featuring sizzling and succulent morsels that are grabbing my ear right now that range from funk to country, from afro-beat to garage rock, etc. Sometimes there will be a theme to these songs that ties them all together in a nice bow, but other times the songs featured will just be a musical hodgepodge of eclectic delights. Without further ado, lets see what "choice cuts" the vinyl butcher has prepared for us today.

May Blitz- Squeet
From: S/T- [ Vertigo, 1970]

The old adage "You can't judge a book by it's cover" holds true in many cases, none more so than for this British classic rock band's cover artwork for their debut album. I remember working at Music Millenium, upstocking my section of rock cd's one day and coming across this peculiar looking record with an ape sporting long matted hair and a bikini. I thought to myself, this lo…

I Hear a New World- Stacks of Wax Vol.15

The latest edition of I Hear a New World is available to listen to here, and to listen\download at

This episode features more stacks of wax from my ever expanding collection of gems. Artists that were featured on this edition include Ali Farka Toure, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Electric Flag and Miles Davis. I feel that this mix expertly juxtaposes light and dark elements, giving you upbeat tunes to hum along with as well as more moody detours into psychedelia and fusion.

I Hear a New World- Stacks of Wax Vol.15

1) Manitas De Plata- Fandango-
2) Glen Francis- Hold My Hand
3) Lucille Span- Women's Lib
4) Miles Davis- John McLaughlin
5) Electric Flag- Flash, Bam, Pow
6) Eternal Tapestry- Bread and Dreams
7) Ali Farka Toure- Farri
8) Blood Beach- Ghost Pusher
9) Aesop Rock- Gopher Guts
10) Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Thought Ballune

I would love to hear what you think of this edition of I Hear a New World, so please don't hesitate to drop me a…