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Stirring Up a Heady Brew

I'm back after an unexpected hiatus due to getting over a cold and searching for a new job. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the film noir mix, and especially to those who left comments. I have been listening to so much music in the past couple weeks that I feel as if I will implode if I don't share some of it with the rest of you.

Now on to the Eclectic Mix that I have brewing in my mind today. Stir in a little African groove with Japanese instrumental surf rock. Mix in a little Turkish psychedelic fuzz rock groove and add equal parts sublime free jazz. Finally, toss in a dash of apocalyptic instrumental rock and top it off with a whirling dervish of space-age bachelor pop. The result is an easily digestible musical stew that will surely delight your pallet. Enjoy!


1) The Antarcticans- The 2000 Year Clearing of All Peace- 7:25 2) Sharp Five- Sakura Sakura- 3:21 3) Ric Colbeck Quartet- Subdued- 6:20 4) Erkin Koray- Cemalim- 7:43 5) Ne Zhdali- Hungarian Young Years- 3:51 6…

Aural Film Noir Excursions Redux

Back by popular demand! Well, not really, but I had to say it. Recently, a person that goes the by the initials "LD" requested that this film noir mix be re-upped. Thanks to "LD", those of you who didn't get a chance to hear/download this before will get a second chance. It was originally posted on January 8, 2007, back when Eclectic Grooves was still in it's early stages of development. If you want to see the original post for this, please go here.

I love compiling mix-tapes/Cd's, but this one was a real labor of love. I believe that this mix is my greatest achievement. I would love to hear what you think about the mix.

Aural Film Noir Excursions Re-up

Here's the setlist:


It has been brought to my attention by one of the visitors that this link has expired, so I am posting a new link so that more readers can download this mix. Please remember that I will try to grant most requests to re-up links on here as long as the downloads in questio…