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Favorite Albums of 2018

I never would have thought that the list for my favorite albums of the year would be postponed until the end of January, but such is life. Last year dealt me one crazy unexpected twist after another, leaving me with very little energy, time or motivation to give to this project. The latest part of my medical journey is taking place in two weeks, so I'm writing this post as a form of catharsis to deal with the anxiety over the procedure that I need to undergo soon.

Over the past two months I have been tirelessly working on listening to a plethora of music from 2018, eventually weeding my list down to 10 favorite albums and 10 honorable mentions.  I feel that these twenty albums are the most deserving this year, despite what the mass media and public opinion would like you to believe. This year's list was mostly a result of things that I discovered by reading blogs like Aquarium Drunkard, Doom and Gloom from the Tomb and Raven Sings the Blues, with a few things that I searched o…