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Creeptacular Spookfest 2012

The Halloween edition of the I Hear a New World Podcast is available for download here, and at

Previous Halloween podcasts can be downloaded at the following locations:

House of Horros 2008

Halloween Hodgepodge 2009

Halloween Hodgepodge 2010

Every year towards the end of October, I start getting that itch to dig into my haunted vault of spook-tacular tracks to compile a new Halloween podcast. This year, I managed to get the podcast completed ahead of time so that you can all enjoy it during the week before Halloween. As usual, this mix is definitely not for the faint-hearted, so I strongly suggest that you don't listen to this in the dark on a stormy evening. I can't be held responsible for what might happen to you while listening to this mix, so please proceed with caution, and do remember to close all the windows and lock the doors.

Oh, and for those of you who would like a tracklist for this mix, if you ask nicely in the comments I might…

I Hear a New World Vol.17

The latest edition of I Hear a New World is available to listen to here, and to listen\download at

Back when I used to have more time on my hands, I listened to music for hours in a row, and in turn created eclectic mixes on the fly by manically scouring through the plethora of files residing on my two external hard drives. For the most part, it was delayed so long because I neglected to store the songs in its own folder, which meant that I had to search my two external hard drives for the files. At some point, I just decided to download a few of them from Soulseek, as I was unable to recall where I had moved them.  Even though this mix has been shelved since sometime in 2007, I feel that it deserves to be heard in all its glory. I have several eclectic mixes that were created in this same fashion that will eventually make their way onto future podcasts.

This one features a heavy dose of blues and soul, along with a smattering of garage, funk, p…