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Emerging from the Ether

As I sit here in my hermetically-sealed isolation chamber called a home, I can't help but reflect on what I've been dealing with emotionally and physically. Since last November, my life has become a series of monotonous routines. While the medical condition I have is not fatal, it is chronic, and something that affects everything I do throughout the day. Due to this, my posting has been erratic at best, but it's defintely not for a lack of ideas. In fact, with the glut of material available, I have an endless playlist of undiscovered gems at my fingertips: Spotify playlists, YouTube rare grooves, Twitter recommendations from crate diggers like Egon and DJ Shadow, Rate Your Music, Radio shows from Xray.FM, WFMU and NTS. The list goes on and on to the point where my mind practically explodes with the possibilities. I keep building the perfect playlist in my mind, copying the notes from my listening sessions in Word docs and barely legible scribblings on sticky notes and vari…

The Incendiary Sounds of Mdou Moctar

Man, what a tumultuous time I've had since last Thanksgiving! It started with a sudden medical problem which I thought would be cured with antibiotics that spiraled into the need for multiple procedures to determine if I had a fatal illness. If that weren't enough, I have been rear-ended twice in the past 8 months, with the most recent accident resulting in my car being totaled.  I found my quality of life reduced to a steady diet of working all day and then watching TV until it was time for bed. Throughout these months, my condition hasn't gotten any better and it has resulted in me not being able to consume a lot of the beverages and food that I love. It was difficult to deal with my girlfriend's Lyme disease prior to all of this happening, but now normal chores that I would do around the house or running errands are things that rarely occur due to my illness.

It's a slippery slope once you fall into the icy depths of depression, and the only person that can brin…

Favorite Albums of 2018

I never would have thought that the list for my favorite albums of the year would be postponed until the end of January, but such is life. Last year dealt me one crazy unexpected twist after another, leaving me with very little energy, time or motivation to give to this project. The latest part of my medical journey is taking place in two weeks, so I'm writing this post as a form of catharsis to deal with the anxiety over the procedure that I need to undergo soon.

Over the past two months I have been tirelessly working on listening to a plethora of music from 2018, eventually weeding my list down to 10 favorite albums and 10 honorable mentions.  I feel that these twenty albums are the most deserving this year, despite what the mass media and public opinion would like you to believe. This year's list was mostly a result of things that I discovered by reading blogs like Aquarium Drunkard, Doom and Gloom from the Tomb and Raven Sings the Blues, with a few things that I searched o…

Back from the Trenches

On Jan 27th,  I mentioned a potential lucrative opportunity that lay just within my striking distance. While I've posted a couple pieces since, I never shared the outcome of this with my readers.   In a nutshell, I found out a few days after I made that post that I had been selected to keep my position at the higher pay rate that my contracting company negotiated for me. Then, after working with the new contracting company for a little less than 2 months, I was told that my contract was terminated, effective immediately, due to me being the highest paid person on the team. I was shell-shocked, and became deeply depressed, questioning and blaming myself for something that was out of my control. Considering that I wasn't ready to start looking for a new job,  I decided to hold off on collecting unemployment benefits. I spent my days feeling sorry for myself, and wondering how my girlfriend and I were going to pay the bills each month while I looked for a new opportunity. Then, a…

Mystery Mix Tracklist and Other Random Curiosities

While the mystery mix didn't yield the type of results I anticipated, there were a couple people who asked for a track list. Besides revealing the track list for the mix, this post will feature an assortment of random curiosities that may peak your interest further. I encourage you to look into some of these artists further, as many of their other songs are equally as great as the ones featured on this mix.

Mystery Mix- L'avventura

1) The Invaders- Spacing Out
2) Area- Chilometri Da Smirne
3) El Rego Et Ses Commandos- Petite Rosette
4) Gil Alluminogeni- Cosmo
5) John Cale- Adelaide
6) Karen Dalton- Blues on the Ceiling
7) Dane Sturgeon- Whip of Love
8) Franco Battiato- Energia
9) Dave Lamb & Gye Whiz- Shine On Me
10) Calamity Jane- Olympia
11) Ruth Copeland- Your Love Has Been So Good to Me
12) Back Door- Jive Grind
13) Souls of Mischief- Let 'Em Know
14) Joe Henderson- Vis a Vis
15) Bunzu Sounds- Zinabu
16) Bodo Molitor- Real Real
17) The Southerners- Jesus is Re…

L'avventura- Mystery Mix

You never know when inspiration will strike next. It could happen while pondering the meaning of life while toiling away at your office job. It could happen when you are going for a brisk walk in the middle of a downpour. It could happen as you let your mind aimlessly wander while on a slow drive, or bus ride home after a long day at work. It could simply occur when having a conversation with a loved one who ignites a spark within your creative soul. 

A young man and woman meet on a scenic train ride through the countryside. As idle conversation goes on, the man asks the woman, "Which came first for you?  Music or love?" She responds "Music, of course. A fiancee you've gotta look for, but a radio can be bought". The man goes on to say that it was "love" for him, and that he knows a great deal about the ways of the heart.

With so many distractions as of late, I needed something to get me back on track, and while taking the early hours of the day to wa…