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Summer Mix 2011

Well, it's been close to a month since I last posted on here about a summer mix being right around the corner. It just depends on what your definition of right around the corner is. Primarily, I used this time to prepare the tracks for my latest summer mix entitled Waves of Inspiration. I put my blood, sweat and tears into this one so I hope you all enjoy it. Hopefully, I can resume to posting on a more regular basis, although I may be too busy soaking up rays of sunshine. Until next time, grab a cold one, throw some steaks on the barbecue and take in the eclectic sounds of summer.
Without further ado, I present to you the track list for this year's summer mix.

Waves of Inspiration

1) Opening Waves- :30
2) Satan's Pilgrim's- Que Honda- 2:45
3) Octopus- Summer- 3:00
4) The Breeders- Saints- 2:32
5) Jack McDuff- Hot Barbecue- 2:56
6 ) The Chakachas- Hot Hands- 2:35
7) Beck- Sissyneck- 3:52
8) Laghonia- Neighbor- 3:24
9) Ray & His Court- De Eso Nada Monada- 3:16
10) Ju…

Fuzz-Funk Friday

Over the past several months, my normal night to post on the blog has been Thursdays, but this is about to change after two more weeks. Since my posts don't usually reach people from other sectors of the world until Friday anyway, I figured I would call this post "Fuzz Funk Friday".

For those of you who don't know, "fuzz-funk" is that type of funk that features guitar and/or bass that has been filtered through a fuzzbox. According to Wikipedia a fuzzbox "alters an audio signal until it is nearly a square wave and adds complex overtones by way of a frequency multiplier". Put in laymnan terms, it simply creates a warm buzzing sound that amplifies the normal sound of the guitar, creating interesting sonic textures that are pleasing to the ear. I have found many songs to be more palatable simply because they have a little fuzz guitar added to the mix.

Today's post contains a funky fuzz gem from Curly Davis and the Uniques called "Black Cobr…