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SMMR BMMR Festival- Oh See's Can You Say?

As you may have noticed from my last post, I haven't dedicated very much time to the summer festivals this year. The weekend of PDX Pop Now just happened to be taking place at the beginning of our heatwave, and I couldn't imagine enduring ubearably high temperatures inside Rotture. From what I heard, it was a sweatbox inside there, but well worth the money (Free!!). There were a couple other festivals that I didn't make it to due to high costs (Pickathon) and bad timing (No Fest), but the one I finally managed to squeeze in was well worth the money and time.
I was perusing through the local weeklies when I came across a small ad for the Rotture's SMMR BMMR festival featuring Sic Alps, Eat Skull and Ty Segall. While I have been getting seriously interested in this lo-fi, noise-damaged pop revival that has been taking the nation by storm lately, the main reason I was attending this festival was to see Sic Alps. Their set, while cathartic and pleasingly melodic, was not t…

The Long Hot Summer

It's been one of those summers where it passes by so fast, you don't even realize what's happening right before your eyes. My first week of August can literally be chalked up as wasted time, as most of my waking hours were spent devising new ways to stay cool. I can't recall a summer where I endured such hot temperatures when relief (A/C) was not just around the corner. The rest of my time has been consumed by the daunting task of being a first-time home buyer. Even though I don't have a home yet, most of my summer has been spent searching for a better place to call home. This is one of those phases in my life where complex life decisions seem to be taking precedent over my creative endeavors. However, since my girlfriend and I are closing in on making a decision on buying a new home, I hope to be able to post more often in the near future.

Since most of the music I have been listening to in my car has turned into a Plain Brown Wrappers post anyway, I have decided t…