Bucket of Blues

Classic Blues from Smithsonian Folkways

I figured that I would shake things up a little bit by posting this compilation of raw and gritty blues. Smithsonian Folkways, long revered for releasing amazing compilations of classic blues, folk, international and bluegrass, have really pulled out the stops here. Classic Blues is a diverse collection of timeless blues featuring Mississipi Delta, Chicago, St Louis and Southwest styles. Artists on here range from popular virtuosos such as Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Slim and Son House to lesser known dynamos such as Cat Iron, K.C Douglas and Vera Hall.

After listening to this record on repeat for three weeks now, I can't seem to get these tunes out of my head. If you are new to blues music or are just interested in checking out some great toe- tapping tunes from some of the major trendsetters in blues music, you will love this collection. Highlights for me include the lyrically playful country blues number "Mule-Ridin Blues" by Big Bill Broonzy; the upbeat instrumental boogie-woogie piano classic by Memphis Slim called " Joggie Woggie"; fun in the cotton-fields country-blues from Pink Anderson called "Boll Weevil"; and K.C. Douglas's little known homage to the 1949 Mercury Ford automobile.

I have posted the tracklist below for the entire record. If you like this record, please follow the link below to purchase a copy. Please let me know what you think.

Classic Blues from Smithsonian Folkways

1) Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee- Old Jabo- 2:11
2) Big Bill Broonzy- Mule-Ridin' Blues- 3:43
3) Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon- Joggie Boogie- 3:25
4) Vera Hall- Black Woman-1:24
5) K.C. Douglas- Merury Blues- 2:18
6) Roosevelt Sykes- Ran the Blues Out My Window- 2:54
7) Lead Belly- Leaving Blues- 2:21
8) Etta Baker- One Dime Blues- 3:43
9) Son House- Country Farm Blues- 2:08
10) Champion Jack Dupree- Clog Dance (Stomping Blues)- 1:59
11) Pink Anderson- Boll Weevil- 3:03
12) Edith North Johnson and Henry Brown- Nickels Worth of Liver- 2:40
13) Big Joe Williams- Don't Leave Me Here- 2:40
14) Cat Iron- Jimmy Bell- 2:17
15) Reverend Gary Davis- Candy Man- 2:32
16) Memhis Slim and Wille Dixon- Beer Drinking Woman- 2:30
17) Lightnin' Hopkins- Come Go Home with Me- 3:51
18) Josh White- Careless Love- 3:20
19) Henry Townsend-I Asked Her If She Loved Me- 2:52
20) Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry- Rising Sun- 2:40
21) David "Honeyboy" Edwards- Pony Blues- 3:26
22) Little Brother Montgomery- Vicksburg Blues- 3:59
23) Elizabeth Cotten- Vastapol- 2:09
24) Lonnie Johnson- Drifting Along Blues- 2:56
25) The Chambers Brothers- Oh Baby, You Don't Have to Go- 2:46
26) Lead Belly and Josh White- Don't Lie Buddy- 2:21


martinlomas said…
As a tiny bit of trivia that most people probaby know, it was from Pink Anderson and Floyd Council that Pink Floyd took their name :)
Anonymous said…
Superb comp from a great label. Thanks!
infinitefool said…
Great blog!! Great Post! Thanks
Kevin said…
martinlomas: I think there are probably some people that didn't know that Pink Floyd got their name from Pink Anderson, so thanks for contributing that information.
anon: thanks! I agree that this comp and label are top notch

infinitefool: thanks for your kind words and for adding me to your blogroll

Keep checking back as I have more great stuff in store.

Best to all, Kevin
Anonymous said…
Hey, thanks for the awesome blog and the awesome music. I really wanna hear that Brotzman/Hopkins/Ali album, but it's down again already.


And I'm also interested in hearing the whole You Follow Me album, but it seems you only uploaded a few tracks off of it? Am I missing the album link??

Thanks again-- you rule.
Anonymous said…
Nice blog and a great post
yesyesyes said…
Extra Cool!
Dissident Kane said…
thanks a lot for that one !
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