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Local Band Showcase- Cicada Omega

I am incredibly excited to announce that Cicada Omega, Portland's rowdiest bunch of rabble-rousers, are set to celebrate the release of their debut record These Bones. Come one! Come all! Get to Dante's at 8:00 on June 6th for the opening bands Sasparilla and Bark Hide and Horn to hear them in all their glory. But make sure you stick around for Cicada Omega's juke-joint blues mixed with spirited gospel sing-alongs guaranteed to get you up out ya chair. In fact, you won't need chairs at all during this performance. You can take my word for this!

History of Cicada Omega

Daniyel, Barry and Salim from Cicada Omega were in a band called Big Spider Tribe somewhere around 2001. After this band broke up, Barry recruited Dave to play drums in a band called Land Between the Lakes. While playing with the Land Between the Lakes for a couple months, Dave began playing in another band called the Kentucky Snakehandlers with John Murphy from Big Spider Tribe. The Kentucky Snakehandlers …