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Waxidermy Mix #1

For those of you who don't know about the website Waxidermy, it is a collaborative effort put together by several music lovers who focus their attention on digging in the racks for rare gems. These guys search for vinyl that wasn't popular enough to appeal to the masses the first time around, and then they post a couple songs from their digging expeditions. It is updated almost every day, so there are always new sounds to be found. I have found this site to be a treasure trove of information and have expanded my listening repertoire quite a bit since discovering them over a year ago.

This mix that I am featuring today is called "Waxidermy Mix #1" because it is the first mix that I have compiled from the Waxidermy archives over the past year. Most of you won't be familiar with a lot of these artists, but rest assured that you will definitely dig this if you have enjoyed the previous mixes featured on Eclectic Grooves. I plan on featuring mixes more often, as I have…

Rediscoveries of Lost Gems-Patto- Roll 'em Smoke 'em Put Another Line Out

When I first thought of this feature, I hadn't taken into account that there was an entire book devoted to rare albums called Lost in the Grooves. While trawling through this book, I have discovered a plethora of rare records that I will start featuring here on Eclectic Grooves. As far as I know, most of these records are no longer in print.

Patto's Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em Put Another Line Out was first featured on My Favourite Records back in early 2007. Since it appears that the link is dead, I am posting a new link for your listening pleasure. When I first learned of this relatively unknown 70's band, I was perplexed as to why I had never heard of them before. All of the elements necessary for success were in place, but the band were just a little bit ahead of their time.

The first track, "Flat Footed Woman", sounds like an outtake from the Band's lost archives complete with fiery piano solos and fervent drumming that sounds like it's playing the back…

This Ain't No Easy Listening Re-up

Well, I'm not going to apologize or make excuses for why I haven't been updating lately. Let's just say that I am facing a lot of internal challenges right now, and leave it with that. I have updated the links section with some new blogs that have caught my eye, and removed some links for blogs that have closed their doors or only updated sporadically. By this, I mean that they haven't been updated in over three months.

Here is a list of the blogs that have been added in the past week:

Jazz- Ile Oxumare, Magic Purple Sunshine, Eternal Rhythm, Folly For to See What, Vanish Your Self, El Goog Ja

Frequently Visited- Continuo, Sunflower Chakra Milk, Sure Nuff'N Yes I Do

Eclectic- Noizepills, Fuzzy Groin Land

Here is a list of the blogs that have been removed:

Eat My Art Out, Grown So Ugly, Orgy In Rhythm, Revolucion'No, Church Number Nine, Devil's Jazz Pit, Jizz Relics, From the Shed, Swami Hermitus Solus, Infinity in Sound, A Pound For a Brown, Bolachas Gratis, Bono…

Feedback from Soul Sister #52

I expected to receive more feedback from you guys on last week's Sharon Jones post but it seems like lately there haven't been too many hits or downloads on here at all. I have been wondering if the demand for Eclectic Grooves is as high as it used to be. Without receiving consistent feedback from the readers, I am at a loss in figuring this one out. I imagine that one of the reasons that comments, hits and downloads are down is because people are subscribing to the blog's feed through Google or Yahoo reader. Another reason that I see is that the posts have been sporadic in the past three months due to circumstances out of my control.

Ideally, I would be writing about every piece of music that inspires me at the time, but we all know that this is not realistic. Also, since I have been contributing posts to Ear Fuzz as well, it cuts down on the time and resources that I have for Eclectic Grooves. In any event, I have every intention of continuing on with Eclectic Grooves, an…