Plain Brown Wrappers #4

I hope you guys enjoyed the latest I Hear a New World podcast that I posted last week. I would love to hear more of your thoughts about the music played throughout the show, as well as what you think of the format of the show.

Today's episode of Plain Brown Wrappers features the primal screams of a sexy siren who has the funkiest backing band since the Jb's. I came across this album when my Zen Touch was on shuffle the other day, and I immediately checked to see who the artist was. Since you don't have the luxury of immediate gratification with these posts, you will have to trust my judgement.

This is the sound of pop music if one of your ears was clogged, and the other one wasn't able to discern between melody and dissonance. It is chock-full of groovy basslines, stinging fuzz guitars and soulful vocals that recall the divas from the heyday of Motown soul. Just when you think that one of these songs is intent on sticking to a formulaic sound , it switches gears quickly and pummels you with blistering vocals and guitars that buzz fervently in your ear.

This is perfect music for cranking up in the middle of your next summer barbecue. Trust me... your friends will be impressed that you have music like this in your collection. I will warn you that the utter intensity of the vocals on this record could quite possibly burn your nose hairs if you're not careful.

I would love it if you ventured a guess as to who the artist is from today's Plain Brown Wrappers.

I will reveal the artist and album exactly one week from today.

Plain Brown Wrappers #4


icastico said…
Before I listen, I am hoping it is Betty Davis...thanks.

New material at Pen & Mallet.
Now this is a tougher one...not Betty Davis, though.
No-head said…
Now this is great! My guess is that it comes from somewhere REALLY obscure. A bit of colourful,primitive psychedelia from somewhere like Peru or Chile or .... I don't know where but early 70s Latin America for sure. This woman has a voice that could stun a yak at 50 paces and that fuzz guitar... wey hey!
icastico said…
Brazil for sure...Silvinha of Eduardo Araujo E Silvinha fame?
No-head said…
Yeah ok she's singing in Portuguese! Silvinha Araujo eh? Well if this is what she sounds like I'll have some more.
Well, the dead-line is fast approaching & I'm still stumped. I've racked my brain, dug out every obscure funk/soul track I own, & no luck. I'm kinda thinkin' it's not Silvinha (RIP!)...she has a much more Latin sound, at least on anything I've ever heard. Good one, Kevin. Not only a great set of tunes, but it has had me funkin' out since you posted it.
Thanks, bro. Great fun.
Anonymous said…
this is a awesome idea of pain brown wrappers.....
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Anonymous said…
this is great ..... Betty Davis, though.
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