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Before I reveal the artist from last week's Plain Brown Wrappers, I would like to talk about today's psychedelic relic culled from the archives of Eclectic Grooves. July's contagious mix of catchy refrains, experimental sonic trickery and expansive dynamics first landed on Eclectic Grooves in October of 2007. Specific tracks have been popping up on my Zen Touch lately, so I was eager to repost this amazing record. I thought that I could find some basic information about this band (like record label and year of release) but to no avail. If any of you have any insight, please don't hesitate to give me a shout.

Here is a review of the record that I posted back in October of 2007.

Download here

Now on to the answer to last week's Plain Brown Wrappers. Drum roll please.....

Icastico hit the nail right on the head when he guessed that it was the fiery Brazilian singer Silvinha Araujo. You never would have guessed it from the lackluster cover, but this album contains some of the most intensely passionate vocals ever pressed on vinyl. The only thing that I was able to find out about this self-titled record is that it was released in 1971. Anyway, I'm glad you guys enjoyed this one, and thanks for putting in your two cents.

I'll be back soon with more grooves that make you move and sounds to make you get down.


icastico said…
Wow...that was a lucky guess.
Hats off to icastico.
I have some later Silvinha that is very 'Brazilian', not at all like a female Janes Brown. This is some great stuff. Thanks again for the fun.
No-head said…
Ashamed to say I'd never heard of her until now. Fantastic stuff. Thanks a lot.
icastico said…

No matter how immersed in music you are, there are more bands you've never heard of than bands that you have...no shame needed.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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shoebird said…
amazing! any way we could get the track listing? amazing find.
Portuguese titles & my poor translations...

1. Você já morreu e se esqueceu de deitar (You have died and forgot to lie down)
2. que fazer pra te esquecer (What to do to forget you)
3. Estou pedindo Baby (I'm asking Baby)
4. deixa o cinza deste inverno passar (The gray of winter has passed)
5. pra toda geração (For every generation)
6. paraiba (Paraiba)
7. risque (Risque)
8. seu amor ainda é tudo pra mim (Your love is still everything to me)
9. Leve a vida (Light of life)
10. Nossos filhos serão pais (Our children will be parents)
11. É minha opinião (It is my opinion)

Hope that helps.

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