Evolutionary Jass Band Re-up

I have been hibernating over the last four days, as the temperatures have been reaching the 100's in the Pacific Northwest. Since a recent visitor by the name of Capt Evil 1 has requested a re-up of the Evolutionary Jass Band, I figured that today was the perfect day for a quick re-up post.

I hope the rest of you are dealing well with the heat, and/or having a fantastic summer basking in the sun.

Here is a link to the original review I wrote about Evolutionary Jass Band's debut record Change of Scene.

Evolutionary Jass Band:
Change of Scene and Devotion
From: Change of Scene [Community Library, 2006]

I promise that I will be back soon to share some more gems, but for now I will be enduring the unbearable heat with fans and ice packs. See you soon!


No-head said…
Thanks Kevin, I bought this album on the strength of a mention in one of your podcasts a wee while ago. It's great to hear people just making good jazz music and having fun with it. I would love to see them on this side of the pond some day. BTW it's cold and wet here and has beeen all July. :(
Capt EviL 1 said…
Thanks very much!
FroggyDew said…
Good stuff again. The track Devotion reminds me of the first track of "Ole Coltrane" (from John Coltrane of course), which I advise anybody liking this to get.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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jakew65 said…
It's great to hear people just making good jazz music and having fun with it. and specially this kind of jazz music

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