I Hear a New World- Podcast #12- Stacks O'Wax

For those of you have been eagerly anticipating the answer to last week's Plain Brown Wrappers, I have to say that you guys should really give yourself a pat on the back fro figuring this one out. Nathan Nothin from the blog Nothin' Sez Somethin' was the first one to guess, and he tried to keep it on the down low, but FroggyDew and No-Head weren't too far behind with the correct answer. The name of the band was Moving Gelatine Plates and the title of the record was The World of Genius Hans. It was released in 1972 on the Musea label, and is yet to receive a reissue as far as I know.

Even though the Plain Brown Wrappers series has gotten fewer comments each time, I'm going to keep crankin' em out because I am enjoying myself. Stay tuned for the next one as it drops within the next week or so.

The twelfth episode of I Hear a New World is available to be downloaded at:


This is the second all-vinyl episode of I Hear a New World where I have taped the show in my living room with a digital recorder. This was a spontaneous show, much like the very first epsiode of I Hear a New World recorded in September of 2008. I was listening to a stack of records in my living room, when suddenly the urge to record a new podcast hit me. While I don't have the widest range of records, I felt that the songs I played this night were an accurate representation of my eclectic taste in music. The artists in this episode include Art Ensemble of Chicago, Gong, Yo La Tengo, David Bowie and Matmos I hope you enjoy this episode, and I would love to hear what you think of it. For those of you who would like a copy of the tracklist for this show, please drop me a line.


icastico said…
Can't beat Art Ensemble.
Nice job.
gidouille said…
Musea reissued both Moving Gelatine Plates albums in 2003, each with part of a third album called Moving included. i believe they're still in print.
signals3_t5 said…
I am also think like you...
thats good post

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