Dusty Wax from the Vaults

Time and the powers that be are conspiring against me lately. Whenever I have time to work on the blog, there seems to be something of greater importance that takes precedence over it. I have a ton of great stuff that I want to share with you, but not enough free time to make it happen. In addition to the two newer series of posts- What's Playing On My Stereo and Plain Brown Wrappers- I am working on a new series of podcasts called Evolution of a Music Junkie. These podcasts will trace the evolution of the music that has influenced me throughout various stages of my life including hip-hop, electronic, jazz, blues, funk, etc. Until this comes to fruition, I hope you guys will continue to mine the archives here for some tasty gems.

With that being said, I have noticed that there are several posts in the archives that are in dire need of a re-up. I hope to be featuring at least one re-up from the vault every week.

This two-part live concert recording of Sonic Youth was first posted here on December 2, 2006. It didn't receive a great response the first time around, and it has since evaporated into the ether of broken downloads. For those of you who would like to read the original posts please go here and here.

Please click below on the title of the discs to download.


Jeremy said…
Hey Kevin. I like the idea of your "musical evolution" podcasts. I'm sure everyone's would be fascinating, funny and probably a bit embarassing at times (or is that just me?), but I'm sure it'll give us clues as to how you approach the music you love and eulogise now. Go for it!

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