Sonic Bootleg Continued

Well as promised here is the second part of the Sonic Youth show at the Crystal Ballroom. Crystal Ballroom is a hit-or-miss venue for sound, but I recorded this one pretty close to the front at the left side of the stage. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.
On to other things:
In my endless search for new music, I have encountered some of the most amazing blogs that deserve some mention here. Some of them are on my Blogroll and others will be on there when I get a chance to add them. I will give you a brief description of what they feature, so you have a pretty decent idea whether or not you'll be into them.
Palestinian Light Orchestra- This eclectic blog features full album downloads of mainly rare or out-of-print records such as 60's Psych Rock, Free Jazz, offbeat novelty records and whatever else they deem as interesting. They have recently featured Sun City Girls, Fred Lane, Patty Waters, The Godz and Wild Man Fischer. Check it out for a true mind-bending experience!
Magic of Juju- Tons of great stuff on this one. Mainly private-press limited editions and lots of underappreciated gems of Arabian, Indian, African and Moroccan origin . I downloaded a bunch of music from an Arabian wedding on here that is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard. They even have some bluegrass, country and rock stuff on here too. Highly recommended site!
Ear Fuzz- I have been regularly visiting this site as they have several contributors who update often. Its bread and butter is soul, hip-hop and jazz, but they also throw in a little library music, psych rock and international. Their posts are concise and to the point, so that you can get right to the goods with a good idea of what you're downloading. Usually they feature a couple songs on each post. Great way to start off your day, with a few pumping tracks to get you moving and grooving. Recommended especially to funk and soul enthusiasts!
Grown So Ugly- Mainly obscure out-of-print folk, psych and prog on this one. Great breadth of downloads featuring gentle folk, prog-folk, psych, rare bluegrass, etc. Most of the stuff on here was completely new to me. Absolutely Recommended!
Nothing Is- Free Jazz junkies will definitely get their fix on this one. I found some rare Milford Graves, Marion Brown and Sunny Murray on here that will blow your mind. Most of these are ripped from vinyl, so that means you will get some popping and cracking. However, most of these albums haven't been reissued yet, and they are extremely hard to find if they have been reissued. I couldn't recommend this site enough. Full album downloads of Free Jazz in all its glory.
Well that's all for now. Please visit these sites for some true gems. I will be back soon with an Evan Parker 2003 live show in Portland that many of my friends think to be one of the best live recordings out there.


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