Plain Brown Wrappers # 2

Well, its time again for another episode of Plain Brown Wrappers. This week I am featuring an artist so ahead of their time that they have both feet planted firmly into the future. If I listened to this album blindfolded, it would be virtually impossible to guess where the mysterious sounds originated. It features an intriguing mixture of voice manipulations, electronic oscillations and warped reverberations that sound like the kind of music you would hear if you were venturing through the depths of outer space while tripping on acid. Considering that I recently spent over twelve hours compiling a comprehensive space mix, it is fitting that this release would fall into my hands out of nowhere.

If you can guess who this artist is, I will grant you the highly esteemed title of "Most Esoteric Music Fanatic of All Time". I will be revealing the artist next Monday, so make sure to get your guesses in before that fateful day.

Here is the link to this week's mystery album.

Until next time...


uglyradio said…
I am listening now, enthralled!
I can imagine one or two artists that it could be, but am confident that I would be wrong!
This is also a cool concept, Kevin; in that if someone were to post this album with the artist and title, there's a good chance someone like me might not listen. Once we see an artist's name, we have these pre-conceived notions of what the music will sound like, usually and we may or may not listen.
Very cool sounds and a very original way to introduce new music.
mick55 said…
Good music.

Sounds a bit like Electric Orange
or Sula Bassana.

I'm definitely interested in
finding out who it is.

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Pete said…
Gotta agree with uglyradio--a good idea. I still have no idea who it is, but it keeps me coming back!
More Comments (guesses) on the first plain brown wrapper. This one is obviously a tougher nut to crack. still listening & scratching my head.
Good fun.
uglyradio said…
You're not going to tell us what it is, are you?
You're a sadist, Kevin! :)
Kevin said…
Thanks to Rich, Pete, Nathan and Mick for putting their two cents in. For those of you who didn't notice, I revealed the artist and album in the first part of my last post.

Mick, I have to say that I am curious as to who Electric Orange and Sula Bassana are, since that was your guess.

It seems like everybody took to this concept more the first time around, but I suppose it was just a little too wacked out for most folks.

Thanks for stopping by and joining in the fun.

Best to all of you.
I wouldn't take the lessening of comments as any indication of lessening of interest. Maybe few want to admit they are stumped. Keep this feature going is my vote, it's great fun & the obscure musick is excellent.
Plain Brown Wrapper #2 seems to be missing track 4 (Logos). Is it possible to get that track or a re-up of the entire album. Really digging it, then realized it went from track 3 to track 5.
Kevin said…

First of all: thanks for your dedication to checking out the blog. It's great to know that people are engaged in the new Plain Brown Wrappers feature. I agree that people may be so stumped that they don't even want to venture a guess, but part of the fun is guessing without having any idea. I think it inspires people to have conversations about other music. For instance, Mick said that it sounded like Electric Orange or Sula Bassana, so now I am interested in checking out these bands I've never heard of before.

As far as the missing track, I left it off on purpose. I had featured the track "Logos" on one of the Space Podcasts, and I didn't want to give the identity away because of that. I would be happy to upload the entire album, with tags and all. Thanks for asking man.

Best, Kevin
Kevin said…
Nathan, (and anyone else who is interested) here is the full Henry Jacobs Vortex album with the proper tags and everything.

Take care, Kevin
mick55 said…
Electric Orange & Sula Bassana are
German space rock musicians similar
to the Kraut rock bands of the 1970's
Here is an album they did together,

2006 CD-R Fleischplatten CD 016
Limited Edition of 100 Copies
Recorded 2002 & 2005
FhG at 320Kbs Stereo

01 - Vogelauto
02 - Abschneiden
03 - Wischwasch

Dirk Bittner-Guitar, Percussion,
Synthesizer, Trumpet
Dirk Jan Müller-Hammond, Rhodes,
Synthesizer, Leslie
Sula Bassana (Dave Schmidt)-Spacebass
Silvio Franolic-Drums, Percussion

Thanks for the re-up. I could have got the track from the podcast (Excursions in Space, Part 1 if I'm not mistaken) so thank you for taking the time & effort to upload the entire album. & you're right about the dialogue being inspiring. I'm going to check out Electric Orange / Sula Bassana myself. Thanks Mick55 for the links.
Kevin said…
Thanks Mick 55. I appreciate you posting links to those records.

Since folks seem to respond to this post the most, let's keep the conversation going. What are you guys listening to lately that is just blowing your mind?

I have been trading music with a friend of mine lately, and have been getting some real gems. Two of the things that he traded with me, I ended up buying last week.

They are both on a label called Honest Jons that releases some of the most esoteric music you can imagine with detailed liner notes accompanying the music.

One of them is called Sprigs of Time- 78's From the EMI Archive. This one features a diverse selection of 78's that were released by the Berliner Gramophone company from 1910 to the mid 1950's.

The other one is called Give Me Love: Songs of the Brokenhearted- Baghdad, 1925-1929. These sides were also culled from the archives of the Gramophone Company, and feature an array of folk, modern Iraqi songs, Kurdish improvisations and the style known as "rifi" songs.

Both of these collections sound great for being 78's and they are stunning representations of the music that came from the age of 78's.

I am interested to hear from you guys, so drop me a line.

Best, Kevin

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