Smashing Pumpkins Is Trendy

I bet some of you were misled to think that this post was going to be about the early 90's grunge band "Smashing Pumpkins" based on the title. Sorry for leading you astray, but the act of smashing pumpkins on Halloween has been around much longer than the band. I plan on just posting the records today without any further critique, since the titles mostly speak for themselves.

Today, I have a grab bag of tasty goodies for your listening pleasure, so without further ado.

Major/Random Records, 1962

Major/Random Records, 1962

Kid Stuff Repertory, 1980

Cereal Flexi, 1979

Sounds EP, 1962

Hope these Halloween treats are getting you geared up for the season!


Jeremy said…
Fantastic stuff, Kevin, thanks! Something to entertain and scare the kids with!

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