Last Batch of Halloween Goodies

Today, I am posting a few more Halloween treats to tantalize your earbuds while you wait in anticipation for my Halloween podcast. I am working on it right now, so I hope to get the podcast up by the end of the day. Please remember to recommend my podcast to your friends by clicking on the "Send to Friends" link that can be found on the podcast homepage. I would like to make the podcasts more of an interactive thing where listeners can send me requests and suggestions through my podmail address at I will try to incorporate these suggestions within the show and give a shout out to the requesters and contributors.

Here is the last installment of the Halloween posts. I hope you enjoy them!
[D Records, 196?]

[Caedmon, 1973]

[Scar Stuff, 2001]

This compilation was handcrafted by the amazing Blogger Scar Stuff who operates one of the best Halloween blogs out there, but unfortunately most of the links aren't active. Here is an excerpt from his blog talking about the process behind compiling this Halloween mix.
the main difference here is that in addition to programming a bunch of, you know, bitchin' Halloween tunes, I was also trying to create a spooky "seamless whole". What this means is that in addition to the music (for better or worse), I also stitched together a non-stop stream of effects, sound bites and audio samples that run over/ under/ alongside the songs, to kinda create my twisted ideal of an evocative "Halloween vibe" (vinyl pops & crackles included). Whether or not I succeeded is debatable, but I certainly did throw a lot of crap into the blender (and since sometimes there are at least 8 audio tracks playing at once it's probably safe to say that my audio sensibilities are as cluttered as my visual ones). Prior to this post it had actually been a while since I'd last listened to these, but in checking them out again I think that despite the occasional clunker, I managed a few really cool segues here and there. There's also some, *koff koff*, truly horrible audio quality on a few of the samples (plenty of this was sourced from crummy old VHS tapes & worse), but that just contributes to the intended low-budget feel, right? Oh and there's a LOT of wind & rain. A LOT.

Be on the lookout for the Halloween podcast later today or tomorrow.


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