This Time It's Really Christmas

Where Will You Be Christmas Day?

After working at a record store for four years, you can imagine that I was inundated with non-stop Christmas music during the Christmas season. I really began to despise Christmas for becoming such an over-commercialized event, a "Hallmark Holiday" if you will. That was, until my ears came across this fantastic overview of old-timey blues, jazz, bluegrass and cajun recordings called "Where Will You Be Christmas Day?". This recording was released by the good folks over at Dust to Digital, who are also well known for releasing the definitive gospel box set called "Goodbye Babylon".

"Where Will You Be Christmas Day" is comprised of rare recordings from 1917-1959 that have been digitally remastered from the original 78's. I have been cracking this one out every Christmas since it was released in 2004, and I hear something new and exciting every time. It includes accapella gospel singing, old-timey bluegrass picking, spicy cajun fiddling and incendiary blues.

I'm sure that I am running the risk of having this removed, but I am posting the whole album for your listening enjoyment. However, please consider buying the album from Dust to Digital or from your local independent record store. Spread the gospel if you like what you hear, by leaving a comment and letting me know what you think.

I'll be back with some more Christmas albums in the next couple of days.


Anonymous said…

this is a very fine gift for christmas. Do you have some more of Jimmy Smith?

Thanks very much and


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