Ask and Ye Shall Receive

One of my loyal visitors asked me if I could post some Chico Magnetic Band sometime. Your time has come my friend. If I had to throw in my two cents on this one, I would say that it is a wild excursion through a drug-hazed psychedelic nightmare that features unintelligible multilingual lyrics, acid-rock guitar freakouts, metronomic space-rock and a dead-on cover of "Crosstown Traffic". I first heard of Chico Magnetic Band about a month ago when I visited the incredibly informative Lost in Tyme blog. This blog features an endless selection of psych-rock, blues, folk and garage rock albums that are all available to download via Rapidshare. It seems like the link is still working for the Chico Magnetic Band, so go check it out!


This link for Chico Magnetic Band was no longer active on Lost In Tyme, so I have re-upped it here.

Here is an excerpt from the Lost In Tyme description of the Chico Magnetic Band.

EVEN THOUGH THIS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT and overwhelming album is but a half an hour in length, it is so chock full o’ balls and amazing riffs that consistently making all the right moves at the right times it’s downright scary and seems twice the length due to its raging density of vision. Given that (and that fact it seems almost entirely culled from moments from only the top tier fab waxings in my collection) it also seems far longer than THAT because everything on it counts SO BAD it lights a fire in my head, creates a fevered dickswell and comes close to bursting my heart every time I spin it.Why? Put it simply, this freakin’ album has EVERYTHING. And by that I mean it draws from elements of approaches set down by “Phallus Dei”-era Amon Düül Zwei, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Silberbart, Straight-era Alice Cooper, Can, Guru Guru, Groundhogs, Speed Glue & Shinki, Led Zeppelin, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Tiger B. Smith and “Free Your Mind”-period Funkadelic (so help me Eddie) and are seamlessly wedged into one album.

But don't take our word for it, give it a listen yourself!
I'll be back soon with the Evan Parker Live at the 411 Club for your listening pleasure.


danny g said…
Damn, This stuff kills man! Thanks so much. I'll now spread the Chico Magnetic Band gospel...but only to those who can handle it of course. Blaoh wow ow!

Keep Frying,

Spin said…
Sounds great on paper, but the link is dead. Bummer.
Kevin said…

I checked the link and it is still up at Lost In Tyme. So, I can't explain why you were unable to access it. Give it a try again to make sure it wasn't some freakish thing tweaking out with your browser. I just followed the link and it went to the Chico Magnetic Band page. If you are still having issues, let me know and I will post the Mp3's on my site. Take care!

Anonymous said…

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