Musicfest NW 2008

Hello everyone! I finally had to break down and buy a wristband for this year's Musicfest NW. It was a hard decision, but having the opportunity to check out a lot of great bands won out in the end. For those of you who are wondering what shows I'll be checking out, please see my planned out schedule below. Come on! You know you want to see the man behind Eclectic Grooves!
I plan on featuring a full story on my experience at this year's Musicfest, that will probably take place after the festival ends on Saturday. I wanted to feature this coverage last year, but I couldn't find the time or energy to make it happen. So, let's cross our fingers.

I tentatively planned to check out the Scottish instrumental rock band Mogwai, but I couldn't get motivated to leave the house last night. Today, I plan on being more committed to checking out the bands I've outlined below. If you are curious, I'll be the guy wearing a brown Minutemen "Econo" shirt with jeans. Hope to see some of you at the shows throughout the week.

The following is my suggested itinerary for getting the most out of Musicfest NW. Those of you who like what you see posted on here will most likely dig the bands I have selected in this itinerary. Some of the bands have time slots that are conflicting with other bands. So, I will be making a snap decision on those shows. For the most part, though, I plan on following the itinerary closely.


5:30- Wonder Ballroom- No Age
7:00- Wonder Ballroom- Battles
8:00- Holocene- Silver Summit
9:00- Doug Fir- Hungry Ghost
10:00- Crystal Ballroom- M. Ward
11:00- Roseland- Del the Funky Homosapien
12:00- Holocene- Deerhunter
1:00- Doug Fir-Steel Pole Bath Tub


5:30- Wonder Ballroom-Britt Daniel from Spoon
7:00- Wonder Ballroom- Built to Spill
9:00- Satyricon- Eat Skull
10:00- Towne Lounge- Andy Combs and the Moth
10:00- Jimmy Maks- Trio Subtonic
11:00- Berbati's- Alela Diane
11:00- Satyricon- Old Time Relijun
12:00- Jimmy Maks- Rupa and the April Fishes
1:00- Rotture- Explode Into Colors
1:00- Mission Theater- Gits movie


7:00- Wonder Ballroom- Les Savy Fav
8:00- Satyricon- The Strange Boys
9:00- Satyricon- Crystal Antlers
9:00- Crystal Ballroom- Blitzen Trapper
10:00- The Towne Lounge- Atole
10:00- Berbati's Pan- The Joggers
11:00- Backspace- Mirah
11:00- Berbati's Pan- Trans Am
11:00- Slabtown- Hillstomp
12:00- Berbati's- Polvo
1:00- Ash Street- Flipper
1:00- Mission Theater- Beautiful Losers- documentary

Make sure that you get there early for the Wonder Ballroom shows as they are first-come first-serve. Hope you guys enjoy some of my picks for this years Musicfest. See you soon.


hey kevin. i am going to be at the following:

09.05.2008 - PWRFL Power - Holocene, 8PM
09.05.2008 - Gratitllium - Slabtown, 9PM
09.05.2008 - Trio Subtonic - Jimmy Mak's, 10PM
09.05.2008 - Death Vessel - Doug Fir, 11PM
09.05.2008 - Monotonix - Satyricon, Midnight
09.05.2008 - Explode into Colors - Rotture, 1AM
09.06.2008 - The Strange Boys - Satyricon, 8PM
09.06.2008 - Black Elk - Berbati's, 8:30PM
09.06.2008 - Crystal Antlers - Satyricon, 9PM
09.06.2008 - Totimoshi - Ash Street, 10PM
09.06.2008 - Dan Deacon - Hawthorne Theater, 11PM
09.06.2008 - POLVO, Berbati's, Midnight
09.06.2008 - Flipper, Ash Street, 1AM

I will be wearing a blue shirt that is inside out it says "stay weird" in backwards writing, and ill be wearing a black beanie.
yeah i love eat skull. its just that i like death vessel way more. I saw eat skull at sxsw last year. what will you be wearing tomorrow? or what is your number?
Nathan Nothin said…

Sounds like good musick be rockin' Portland this week (& end).

I started reading through your list &, having seen them many, many times in San Francisco back in the day, SteelPoleBathTub Thursday late were going to be hard to beat, but tonight ends up with Polvo & Flipper (who i just saw at the Oakland Museum at a free show July 11th.) so great frosting on a tasty musicake.

Kevin said…
Untitled and anon:

Too bad we never could hook up over the weekend. I've started posting my thoughts on Music Fest, but I've only gotten Friday done so far. I'd love to hear about your adventures.

Nathan Nothin:

I couldn't really get into Steel Pole Bath Tub, but I've never been too partial metal tinged music except for Soundgarden and Alice In Chains from back in the day. Anyway, Polvo was amazing and it sounded great. I caught the end of the Flipper show, because the Polvo show lasted until 1:30. It was great just to see Novoselic playing again with a real band.

Take care!


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