I Hear a New World- Podcast #3

Hi everybody! I am happy to announce that the third episode of I Hear a New World is available for download at:


Just click on the link above and hit play on the latest episode, or download it to your hard drive to listen to it at a later time. Please make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you know when a new episode has been posted. You can subscribe by clicking on "RSS Feed" or "Archive Feed" under the section "Subscribe to This Podcast".

For some reason, the embedded podcast is cut off, so you are only able to listen to the last two podcasts on Eclectic Grooves. Basically, the embedded podcast widget from Podomatic does not show the entire widget. The arrow button functionality is missing which prevents you from selecting the podcast you want to listen to beyond the last two episodes. If any of you know anything about HTML, embedded widgets and the limitations of certain templates, maybe you could shed some light on these topics in the comments.

This week's episode showcases the talented musicians who have worked at Music Millennium during the past seven years. I have witnessed their talent emerge over the years, while being there to support them in the early stages of their career. Many of them have made strides in the past couple years that seemed implausible at the time, but perseverance and dedication to their craft helped make their dreams a reality. While none of them are popular by today's standards, that is not the point. They have stood behind what they believed in and never once ran away from their dreams. This episode is dedicated to those musicians who have touched my heart and soul in a profound way.

I Hear a New World- Podcast #3- Music Millennium Showcase

Baptist Arms- Baltimore (Live)- 4:16
John Murphy- Burn It Down- 2:41
Kentucky Snakehandlers- Tarnished and Tainted- 4:05
Cicada Omega- The Boogie- 4:08
Bill Rhoades and the Party Kings- Don't You Lie to Me- 4:34
Scuffle and Dustcough- Jakarta Jazz- 4:10
Vanishing Kids- Rest the Glove- 3:44
LKN- Sarah, I Adore You- 10:39
Super Unity- The Day Kelvin Cried- 4:33
Eternal Tapestry- Mystic Induction- 4:03

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