Forgotten Mixes- 5-24-14

As I perused the number of downloads for the last several things I've posted on Eclectic Grooves, I noticed that the most popular posts have been the Eddie Harris- Free Speech album, The Trees- The Garden of Jane Delawney and the last eclectic mix that I posted on here a couple weeks ago. Since you guys seem to dig the eclectic mixes, I'm going to share another one with you that was originally conceived a few years ago on 5-24-14.

This is another eclectic mix that was shelved for no apparent reason other than the pieces not coming together at the right time. I have replaced most of the original versions of the songs with ones that have a higher quality bitrate. Unfortunately, a couple of the songs are so rare that I was unable to find a higher quality bitrate version of them for this mix. Additionally, I omitted a couple of the tracks as they were either too long, or didn't fit the vibe of the rest of the mix. The result is another eclectic mix that is exactly 65 minutes, so it's the perfect length to transfer to a CD that can be listened to in the comfort of your home or while cruising the lonesome highway on your next road trip. I like the way this mix turned out, as it features a better balance between female and male artists than the last couple mixes I featured on here. 

I would love to hear what you think of this mix!

Forgotten Mixes- 5-24-14

1) Jan Mink- Come On In
2) Joe Thomas- Soul Sermon
3) The Earth Disciples- Bitter End, Pt 1
4) Eddie Hazel- Lampoc Boogie
5) Phil Ranelin- Vibes from the Tribe
6) Bush Tetras- You Can't Be Funky
7) Jesse Mae Hemphill- All Night Boogie (Jessie's Boogie)
8) Tommy James- Meet the Comer
9) Deb Hyer- I Believe in Music
10) Jackie Mittoo- Macka Fat
11) Wolfgang Dauner- Blues Far Out
12) Electric Banana- Blow Your Mind
13) Buffy Sainte-Marie- He's a Keeper of the Fire
14) Group 1850- Paradise Now
15) Electrelane- Tram 21
16) Anne Briggs- The Time Has Come

Total Running Time: 65 minutes


Eric said…
Kevin said…
Thanks Eric.

I'm glad that you liked the mix!

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