Post-Thanksgiving Gluttony

I have to admit that I've been partaking in a little post-Thanksgiving gluttony in terms of my music consumption which leaves me with precious little time to fill your earholes with some new tunes before the weekend is over. Often, my blog posts have been influenced by a magazine article or book that I've read, but this weekend the motivation came after watching the Stooges documentary by Jim Jarmusch. It was an informative, entertaining and well-crafted documentary that inspired me to immediately start searching for Stooges live shows recorded during the band's heyday between 1969-1972. 

While this search for Stooges shows turned out to be fruitless, I did discover many other amazing live shows on the Big O Zine site including Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Can, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Rory Gallagher. After stumbling down this rabbit hole for what seemed to be an eternity, I rediscovered some Iggy Pop radio shows that I had downloaded awhile ago from the Rollins Archive website. At one point, the site only featured Henry Rollins' Harmony in Your Head radio shows and playlists. Within the past couple years, though, it started providing downloads to Iggy's Rockin' Rebels and Iggy's Confidential radio shows from the BBC 6. As far as I can tell, these are not available to download anywhere else, so make sure that you stop by the Rollins Archive to check them out. The Rockin' Rebels show had a different theme each week, following in the footsteps of the incredibly popular Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour podcast that lasted for three years. The Iggy's Confidential show eschewed the theme concept, and focused on featuring an eclectic mix of songs that featured jazz, soul, funk, blues, avant-garde, metal, rock, etc. I'd be lying if I said that I liked everything Iggy plays on the show, but he has the perfect voice for the radio, coupled with a god-given talent for discussing music that is close to his heart.

After listening to a couple of these shows, I proceeded to go down the rabbit hole of discovering more new music by scouring lists on the Discogs website such as 6001 HPB, JPS' Rarities and French Underground Rock- 1967-1980.  Almost each album page on Discogs has an embedded YouTube player featuring a couple songs from the record that helps you determine whether or not a record is worth pursuing.  I have found a plethora of psychedelic, krautrock, experimental and prog records just within the past couple days, many of which could be featured on future Rediscoveries of Lost Gems posts.     

Here are the first couple episodes of the Iggy confidential radio show, but as I said before, the rest can be downloaded on the Rollins Archive site.

Iggy Confidential #1
Iggy Confidential #2

You will also find the playlists on the Rollins Archive site. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and would love to hear what you think of Iggy's shows. 


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