Forgotten Mixes: Groovy with a Side of Psych

I apologize for the radio silence during the past couple weeks, but the flu hit my body like a ton of bricks that didn't let up until the last couple days. I never get flu shots, because I rarely get the full-blown flu. This year, however, was a much different story. I came home from work last Tuesday, ate my dinner and settled into watching a little television. Around 8:00 pm, my legs started feeling weak, I was experiencing muscle and joint pain and the temperature of my body was fluctuating from hot to cold with the same unpredictability as daily weather patterns.  I missed a couple days of work, and then proceeded to spend a three-day weekend resting, drinking so many fluids that I thought I was going to burst and binging Netflix while laying on my futon.

Thankfully, I think I'm on the other side of this, but it really did do a number on me. Over three years ago, I posted that I had multiple eclectic mixes that were completed and ready to post. I  went back to my playlists in Windows Media Player, and was able to retrieve this gem that was originally conceived on 6-23-14. Today, I tightened up the order of the tracks, trimmed a little of the fat and listened to it multiple times to ensure the flow was just right to my ears. 

I hope that you enjoy this mix, and would love to hear from any of you about what kind of music you are listening to right now, what you think of this mix or anything else that I have posted here on Eclectic Grooves. 

Groovy with a Side of Pych

1- Johnny Rodriguez and Angel Rene- Cookin' with A&J
2- Lee Hazlewood- Chico
3- Joe Thomas- Chitlins & Cuchifritos
4- The Fatback Band- Nija (Nija)
5- Bartel- Boogie (Original Mix)
6- The Coachmen- Thurston's Song
7- Gong- Witch's Song, I Am Your Pussy
8- Raskovich- Whole
9- The Hopson Family- Prayer Will Take You There
10- James Gang- Funk # 49
11- The 3rd Generation Band- Because of Money
12- The Southside Movement- Can You Get to That
13- Rubinho e Mauro Assumpcao- Quero Companheira
14- Blodwyn Pig- The Squirreling Must Go On
15- Samai Onwong- Nao Nao Ron Ron
16- Sun Ra- Where Pathways Meet


Donald Murray said…
That was fun! An impressive mix. Thanks again.
Kevin said…

You're welcome! It's great to hear from you, and I'm glad that you liked the mix. It's crazy how many projects have been shelved that finally come to fruition years later. In this case, it's only been three years since this mix first took shape. Nonetheless, I'm glad that it's out there for people to download and enjoy.

Hope you are doing well!

The Swede said…
Glad to hear that you're on the mend Kevin, it sounds like you had a rough old time of it. I've just downloaded the mix and am looking forward to checking it out immensely.
As far as my own current listening goes, I'm still heavily into that place in the early 1970s where Jazz met Rock - Soft Machine, Tony Williams' Lifetime, Nucleus, Gilgamesh and of course Miles Davis.
Vaughn said…
Damn! I've just discovered your blog/podcast and I'm blown away, love it! I can't wait for next Halloween to use your mix. Keep it up buddy, you do great work.
Kevin said…
Swede: I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to reply to you. I'm curious to hear what you thought of the mix if you've listened to it. I love jazz fusion with an emphasis on the acidic guitar solos. It's interesting, because I've never really been able to fully appreciate Soft Machine very much. Nucleus, Tony Williams Lifetime and Miles definitely hit the spot though. I'll have to look into Gilgamesh further as this is a new name to me. I also love Larry Coryell, Herbie Hancock, Michael Urbaniak, etc.

Vaughan: Welcome to the blog! Things have been pretty quiet in the comment section lately, so it's great to hear from someone that they are digging the blog/podcast. I appreciate the kind words, and sincerely hope that you keep coming back.

Best to both of you!


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