Halloween Redux: 2008

 We're approaching the time of the season once again where people subject themselves to haunted houses, corn mazes, cemetery tours and hours upon hours of scary movies. I have to admit that I've lost interest in Halloween over the last few years, and this is partially the reason that there have been no new creepy mixes posted at Eclectic Grooves. I still appreciate the classic horror movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th and Children of the Corn, but most horror movies nowadays are way too violent and graphic for my sensibilities.

Since there aren't too many active blogs that feature scary music on the internet these days, I wanted to repost some of my past Halloween mixes starting with the first few that are no longer available to listen/download anywhere on the internet. The following mix was originally posted on my I Hear a New World Podomatic site in 2008

House of Horrors mix

For those of you who would like a tracklist for this mix, please drop me a line in the comments.

Until next time...


KevM said…
Just flicked through and stopped at Black Bayou. Love that, thanks. May I have the tracklist please?
Kevin said…
Hi KevM. I'm glad you are enjoying the mix! There will be more of them posted within the next few days.

Here is the track list for the mix:

House of Horrors

1) Opening scary montage
2) Quixotic- Open Up the Walls
3) Dana Dane- Nightmares
4) Excerpt- Dracula speaking
5) Old time Relijun- Vampire Victim
6) Moontrekkers- Night of the Vampire
7) Excerpt- Charlie Brown- I Got a Rock
8) Cramps- I Was a Teenage Werewolf
9) Throbbing Gristle- Hamburger Lady
10) The Vampires of Dartmoore- die folterkammer des dr. sex
11) Pink Anvil- Cause I Told You So
12) Jim Stafford- Swamp Witch Hattie
13) Dean Gitter- The Reaper’s Ghost
14) Sonic Youth- Halloween
15) Dr. Octagon- Blue Flowers
16) The Police- A Kind of Loving
17) Banshee Love Call
18) The Skaters- Dark Rye Bread #4
19) Dsordne- Stammheim
20) Porter Wagoner- Rubber Room
21) The Shining/Eraserhead mix
22) Ending- Tightening the vice w/ Danse Macabre

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