Halloween Redux Part 2

I had planned on posting one Halloween mix a day during the past week, but sadly this didn't come to fruition. As a result, I'm going to post the remainder of the mixes that are no longer available to download at http://ihearanewworld.podomatic.com.

Halloween Hodgepodge 2009

1)      The Piranhas- Hi Everybody 

2)      Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds- Pumpkin Pie 
3)      Screaming Lord Sutch- Dracula’s Daughter 
4)      Harrapian Night Recordings- The Sarimanok Flies 
5)      Broadcast- A Seancing Song 
6)      Scientist- The Voodoo Curse 
7)      RJD2- The Horror 
8)      Lon Chaney Jr.- Spider Baby 
9)       Brian Eno- In Dark Trees 
10)  Spooks- Cackle of the Dead 
11)  Charles Sheffield- It’s Your Voodoo Working 
12)  Comus- Diana 
13)  Goblin- Witch 
14)  Broadcast- Drug Party 
15)  DJ Signify- The Sickness 
16)  The Ghastly Ones- Ghastly Stomp 
17)  The Sonics- The Witch 
18)  White Noise- Black Mass- A Storm in Hell 
19)  Outro- Goodnight

Halloween Hodgepodge 2010 Part 1

1) The Poetics- Listen Carefully
2) Halloween intro
3) The Shaggs- It's Halloween
4) Halloween- trailer excerpt
5) The Cramps- Zombie Dance
6) Kip Tyler- She's My Witch
7) Sunn 0)))- Sin Nanna
8) Liars- We Fenced Other Gardens With the Bones of Our Own
9)Castanets- You Are the Blood
10) The Residents- Hello Skinny
11) Excerpt from Curse of the Werewolf Trailer
12) Round Robin- I'm the Wolfman
13)Screamin' Jay Hawkins- I Hear Voices
14) George S. Irving- Dead Man's Brains
15) Ken Nordine- Strollin' Spooks
16) Il Segno Del Campegne- Giorri di Neve
17) Bill Buchanan- Beware
18) Los Saicos- El Entierro DE Los Gatos
19) Mira Calix- Roundabout
20) Bonzo Dog Band- Look Out There's a Monster Coming
21) Les Maledictus Sound- Monster Cocktail
22) Tom Waits- What's He Building In There

Halloween Hodgepodge 2010 Part 2

1) Night of the Living Dead trailer
2) Monotones- Zombi
3) David Bowie- Please Mr. Gravedigger
4) Harappian Night Recordings- Red Eyes, Noose and Goad
5) Jackie Morningstar- Rockin' In the Graveyard
6) Grouper- Way Their Crept
7) Mum- Will the Summer Make Good For All Our Sins
8) The Blob trailer
9) Five Blobs- The Blob
10) Sparkle Moore- Skull And Crossbones
11)The Poetics- Silent Night
12) Leroy Bowman- Graveyard
13) Spooks- Now I'm a Spook
14) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer
15) Hasil Adkins- I Need Your Head
16) LA Vampires & Zola Jesus- Vous
17) Diamanda Galas- I Wake Up and I see the Face of the Devil
18) The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation- The Sexy Midnight Torture Show
19) The Mummy- trailer
20) Lee Ross- The Mummy's Bracelet
21) Tonstartssbandht- The Lake
22) The Horrors- Gloves
23) Michael Small- Final Flight

Halloween Mix 2011- Sinister Sounds from the Crypt

1)      Halloween 2011 Intro- 2:30
2)      Vincent Price- Frightenstein :59
3)      The Mummies- The Fly- 2:22
4)      The Cramps- HumanFly- 2:16
5)      Vault of Horror- trailer- :30
6)      Duane Turley and the Tads- The Devils Den-2:28
7)      JD and the Evil’s Dynamite Band- The D’s
8)      Ruth White- The Hanged Man
9)      Dracula- 1931 trailer
10)   Jill Tracey and the Malcontent Orchestra- Nosferatu Appears
11)   Jad and David Fair- Nosferatu
12)   Archie King- The Vampires
13)  Movie Trailer- Graveyard Tramps
14)   Eddie Dean- Gravedigger’s Lament
15)  Rod Willis- The Cat
16)  Hasil Adkins- The Midnight Moan
17)   The Poetics- Lude Out
18)   Lustmord- Pyre
19)   Trailer- Screaming Skull
20)   Bob and Lucille- Demon Lover
21)   Frank Hart- I am the Red Devil
22)   The Flaming Lips- Scratchin’ The Door
23)  Screaming Jay Hawkins- Feast of the Mau Mau
24)  Trailer- Dr. Terrors House of Horrors
25)   The Skaters- Dark Rye Bread #1
26)   Burundi Musiques Traditionelles- Chant Avec Cithare
27)   Baron Daemon- Ghost Guitar
28)   The Meteors- My Daddy is a Vampire
29)   Atlas Sound- A Ghost Story
30)   Harrapian Night Recordings- Scarecrow
31)   Boris Karloff- Goodbye

Creeptacular Spookfest 2012

1)      Intelligence- Fake Surfing 
2)      Screaming Lord Sutch- Jack the Ripper 
3)      Movie trailer- Humanoids From the Deep 
4)      Tonstartssbandht- Subtropic Gleme Rock 
5)      Mort Garson- Voices of the Dead (The Medium) 
6)      Can- When Darkness Comes 
7)      The Spits- Halloween Fun 
8)      Spires That in the Sunset Rise- Equus Haar 
9)      Kennlemus- The Raven 
10)  The Poetics- Swarm 
11)  Beat Happening- Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive 
12)  Movie trailer- Kindgdom of the Spiders 
13)  Jack Hammer- Black Widow Spider Woman 
14)  The Frantics- Werewolf 
15)  Rod Willis- The Cat 
16)  Brian Eno- Alternative 3 
17)  Einsturzende Neubauten- Seele Brennt 
18)  Movie Trailer- Vampire Playgirls 
19)  Destroy All Monsters- Vampire 
20)  Slint- Nosferatu Man 
21)  Chris Kevin- Haunted House 
22)  Movie Trailer- The Virgin Witch 
23)  Dave Gardner- Mad Witch 
24)  Lydia Lunch- Blood of Tin 
25)  The Birthday Party- Deep in the Woods 
26)  The Poetics- Lower 
27)  Halloween- Outro

I hope you all have a positively ghoulish Halloween, and that these mixes serve as a frightening backdrop for your evening! 


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