Hallelujah for Hail Mary

If you live in Portland OR, you have no excuse for missing the Hail Mary Mallon show tonight at the Hawthorne Theatre. Hail Mary Mallon is the culmination of two top-tier MC's from the Rhymesayers stable: Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic. The duo's latest long player was one of my most-played records from 2014, and continues to stay on repeat in 2015. Aesop Rock has been one of my favorite MC's ever since the lyrically and verbally dense Labor Days has graced my ears with its presence, and Rob has been Aesop's partner in crime ever since the glory days of the now defunct Definitive Jux label.

For my review of their latest record Bestiary, click here, and go to #11 on the list.

And for the uninitiated, check out the following YouTube video of their album complete with one of the best  Donkey Kong games ever played. You'll thank me later!


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