A Little Taste of Fuzz

A couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend while we waited for our pizza when a song from the short-lived 90's band Filter played on the restaurant's PA. This lead us into a discussion where I admitted to liking them at one point, but going on to say that I don't really listen to aggressive, angst-filled music at this point in my life. He asked me what kind of music I did listen to these days, and I literally drew a blank.This is probably due to the fact that I listen to so much music that eventually it all starts to run together in an endless stream of chords and notes. Such is the life of a music junkie.

I realized that it wasn't accurate to say that I didn't like angst-filled music anymore, just not the same type that fueled my teenage years. The answer that I was able to come up with is that I am currently digging music that has a funky groove or rhythm with unexpected drum breaks, and copious amounts of fuzz-guitar laced with wah-wah. Of course, he wanted to know some examples of music that fall under this umbrella, and the only thing that came to mind was afro-rock like Chrissy Zebby Tembo and Amanaz.

During one of my latest YouTube binges, I uncovered a treasure trove of songs and bands that mix a steady groove with loads of fuzz and wah-wah that don't fall under the afro-rock label.

I hope that you enjoy the links below, and I would love to hear about more bands that sound like this.


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