Halloween Redux Part 3

This is the last installment of the Halloween podcasts that are no longer available to download on Podomatic. It was first posted last Halloween, and was split up into two parts due to the length of the mix. As I recall, I was able to comeplete this one earlier in the day on Halloween, as opposed to the previous year where I completed it just before the clock struck midnight.

Here are my notes from last year's post:

Given the time of the season, it is once again time for me to dredge through my seemingly endless archives of spooky music to present a new Halloween mix to the readers. Last year I was rushing against the clock to complete my Halloween podcast before the clock struck midnight on Halloween. After learning my lesson from this, I began compiling my list two weeks ago with possible songs that could make the cut for this years mix. These songs were culled from my own collection, Soulseek users and the numerous Halloween blogs and forums across the internet. Without the help of these sources, it would have been practically impossible for me to finish this mix on time.

Considering my tendency to strive towards perfection, finishing this mix before Halloween has meant spending hours painstakingly crafting a two-part mix of the most terrifyingly bone-chilling music that I could possibly find. Please note that in order to prevent from scaring all of my listeners stiff, I have thrown in some light-hearted Halloween tunes from genres such as rockabilly, doo-wop and soul to balance out the tone. I hope that this mix finds you well and provides the perfect soundtrack to the haunted house of your mind.

I hope you guys enjoy this last update before I post this year's Halloween mix.

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