Summer Mix 2011

Well, it's been close to a month since I last posted on here about a summer mix being right around the corner. It just depends on what your definition of right around the corner is. Primarily, I used this time to prepare the tracks for my latest summer mix entitled Waves of Inspiration. I put my blood, sweat and tears into this one so I hope you all enjoy it. Hopefully, I can resume to posting on a more regular basis, although I may be too busy soaking up rays of sunshine. Until next time, grab a cold one, throw some steaks on the barbecue and take in the eclectic sounds of summer.

Without further ado, I present to you the track list for this year's summer mix.

Waves of Inspiration

1) Opening Waves- :30
2) Satan's Pilgrim's- Que Honda- 2:45
3) Octopus- Summer- 3:00
4) The Breeders- Saints- 2:32
5) Jack McDuff- Hot Barbecue- 2:56
6 ) The Chakachas- Hot Hands- 2:35
7) Beck- Sissyneck- 3:52
8) Laghonia- Neighbor- 3:24
9) Ray & His Court- De Eso Nada Monada- 3:16
10) Jurassic Five- Concrete Schoolyard- 4:07
11) Wendy Rene- Bar-B-Q- 2:27
12) Cymande- Bra- 5:04
13) Toots and the Maytals- Hold On- 2:34
14) The Clean- Tally Ho- 2:39
15) Thee Oh Sees- Rainbow- 1:43
16) Dick Dale- Surf Beat- 2:57
17) Preston Love- Cool Ade- 2:02
18) Eddie Bo- Lover and a Friend- 2:27
19) Black Sheep- Elevation- 3:53
20) David Ze- Uma Amiga- 2:37
21) Donovan- Sunshine Superman- 3:29
22) Beach Fossils- Vacation- 3:45
23) Christmas Island- Blackout Summer- 2:48
24) The Kinks- Picture Book- 2:35
25) Eddy Current Suppression Ring- Rush to Relax


Anonymous said…
thank god that exists people like you that doing that things personaly i am to lazy to create any blog at all , but dont you feel sad that most of the good music exist on the internet only and if you go out in reality what do you get in most of the places kitchen sink with glamour on the top ,whe must do something and living together this vibe again , maybe is different in your part of the world but hey globalization fucked us all also thoosee globalizers
No-head said…
Another nice one! Thank, Kevin.

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