Fuzz-Funk Friday

Over the past several months, my normal night to post on the blog has been Thursdays, but this is about to change after two more weeks. Since my posts don't usually reach people from other sectors of the world until Friday anyway, I figured I would call this post "Fuzz Funk Friday".

For those of you who don't know, "fuzz-funk" is that type of funk that features guitar and/or bass that has been filtered through a fuzzbox. According to Wikipedia a fuzzbox "alters an audio signal until it is nearly a square wave and adds complex overtones by way of a frequency multiplier". Put in laymnan terms, it simply creates a warm buzzing sound that amplifies the normal sound of the guitar, creating interesting sonic textures that are pleasing to the ear. I have found many songs to be more palatable simply because they have a little fuzz guitar added to the mix.

Today's post contains a funky fuzz gem from Curly Davis and the Uniques called "Black Cobra Part 2".  This song was featured on the fantastic compilation called Chains and Black Exhaust that was originally released in 2002 on the Memphix label. Due to the compilation's popularity, it went out of print almost immediately. Six years later it was reissued on the same label sans the Iron Knowledge track "Showstopper", only to go out-of-print quickly once again. The Curly Davis track is an absolute mind-melting instrumental with screaming fuzz guitar laid over a bed of greasy bass and frenetic drums. It takes off like a rocketship from the get-go and only lets up in the middle of the song for a short drum break that has likely been sampled by a crate digger like Peanut Butter Wolf or Madlib. Despite this break, the track never loses steam, as it picks up where it left off with a funky wah-wah rhythm played over the top of a blistering fuzz guitar solo. I had to pick my mouth up off the floor after listening to this track.

Curly Davis and the Uniques- Black Cobra Part II

RIYL- Jimi Hendrix, Black Merda, James Knight and the Butlers


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