I Hear a New World Podcast- Stacks of Wax Vol.9

The latest edition of I Hear a New World is available for download here, and at http://ihearanewworld.podomatic.com/.

This edition of I Hear a New World focuses on stacks of wax that I have recently acquired from the fantastic record store called Exiled Records. Today's recipe features two slices of goodness from the Sublime Frequencies stable, a heaping helping of psych-jazz fusion, a spoonful of blues and a dash of fuzzy, afro-funk for extra flavor.

Artists featured include The Panthers, Sic Alps, Miles Davis, Psychedelic Aliens, Group Doueh and Jimi Hendrix. For the complete tracklist, please check out Eclectic Grooves.

Here is the complete tracklist for this edition of I Hear a New World.

Stacks of Wax Vol.9
1) The Panthers- Malkaus-2:47
2) T.K. Ramamoorthy- Gowla- 3:21
3) Pearls Before Swine- The Surrrealist Waltz- 3:27
4) Sic Alps- Ranger- 3:26
5) Love Cry Want- Angel’s Wing- 4:46
6) Miles Davis- Water Babies- 5:06
7) Jimi Hendrix- Easy Blues- 4:30
8) The Psychedelic Aliens- We’re Laughing- 3:03
9) Howlin’ Wolf- Killing Floor- 3:27
10) Rolling Stones- Torn and Frayed- 3:40
11) Arrington De Dionyso- Mencerminkan Mahkota Kotor- 4:51
12) Arrington de Dionyso- Rasah Sentuh- 2:21
13) Group Doueh- Lehi Teyilu-5:09

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