Back From the Ether

Wow, I don't even know where to begin here. Lately, one thing or another has intervened into my life that has prevented me from posting on the blog.  I apologize to those of you who have been yearning for that latest taste of  rare choice cuts coming straight from the vinyl market.  One development is that I experienced some problems with my Podomatic account, and I had to delete most of my podcasts for the lack of server space available. However, I hope to be able to archive these podcasts soon on Eclectic Grooves so those of you who still wish to check out the older podcasts can do this at will.

Aside from this, I have been seriously thinking about what direction to take the blog in because it doesn't seem to be generating the same type of interest that it did when I first started the blog. I have realized that the main thing that has changed since I started the blog is my available time and space to write new posts.  Because I was unemployed when I first started Eclectic Grooves,  I had an abundance of  time and space to invest in making the blog something that was truly worth the visitor's time.

My idea of a blog that is worth visiting is one that doesn't resort to simply posting the link to the album along with a pasted review from some well-respected publication. This obviously doesn't require that much effort, other than taking the time to post the music. I have always thought of this blog as providing an outlet for me to share and write about music that enthuses me and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. You get the picture. 

I feel that the "Plain Brown Wrappers" series has wrapped itself up accordingly with the last post entitled "The Epiphany". There has been very little participation from the visitors on this feature lately, and I feel that it requires a certain level of participation to make it worth my while. For those of you who enjoyed this feature, I hope you understand my reason for not wanting to continue doing the "Plain Brown Wrappers" series.

With that being said, I would like to reveal the answer to the final "Plain Brown Wrappers" post. The artist and album in question are Albert Marcoeur- S-T, and the album was officially released in 1974. There isn't a wealth of information to be found on Albet Marcoeur, but his style of music was primarily pigeonholed as RIO/Avant Prog.  This album was a groundbreaking tour-de-force of ideas straddling the fine line between freeewheeling chaos and childlike exuberance. There is really nothing like putting this one on for the first time, as your ears adjust to the sounds on the record much like a child who is experiencing the world for the first time outside the womb.  Utter wonderment! 

I have been working on some new weekly series that I hope to launch soon, but I don't want to promise anything yet. I will drop this hint that I have been getting more into songs, as opposed to albums, so there will hopefully be a new weekly feature that focuses on individual songs that can be downloaded without file sharing services or some clunky embedded media player that prevents the site from loading very fast. 

Hopefully I can gain some visitors back after getting the site back on track, but until then I leave you with this amazing track from Orchestre Black Dragons. I don't know what else to say about this song other than the grooves stick with you like gum sticks to the bottom of your shoe.  It makes me want to put it on repeat several times so it seems like I'm listening to one continuous, fuzzed-out afro-delic delight. 


always dig whatever it is you are doing here at eclectic g
gonna miss the old PBW cuz I've loved most all of it but especially the not knowing, trying to figure it, guessing, then the reveal...all quite tastee.
This Albert Marcoeur is fantastic...1974, hard to believe.
Thanks again & I'll be around here as long as here is around.
Kevin said…
Thanks for saying so Nathan, and for your continued support for what I'm doing here. Glad that you dug the Plain Brown Wrappers so much, and I hope that I can keep your interest.

Sorry it took me so long to respond to you, but I have been so busy lately. Will have to check your blog out soon as well.

Best, Kevin
gidouille said…
I haven't checked in for awhile, but I would have gotten it immediately. Even considering the high quality of Marcoeur's output right up to the present, this first one is still I think my favorite. The wind arrangements are just amazing and I love the use of the sound of writing on a chalkboard as a percussion track on Mon Pere Avait. Writing in Op or Option in the early '80s, Fred Frith marveled at seeing them in a theater production. The band was invisible behind a curtain, but perfectly in sync with the unseen Albert who stood out front throwing jacks in the air and catching them.
Lauraine said…
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