I Hear a New World- Podcast #11

The eleventh episode of I Hear a New World is available to be downloaded at:


It's been awhile since I've worked on a podcast, so I grabbed this mix from my listening archives. It is an eclectic mix that I put together one afternoon many moons ago. I was feeling especially mellow when I compiled this mix, but I occasionally peppered the mix with an uptempo funk track or a little psychedelic freakout for added listening pleasure. It features a wide array of styles including psych-folk, funk, blues, free jazz, rock and soul-jazz. I hope you guys enjoy this episode of "I Hear a New World".

I have another Plain Brown Wrappers post right around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.


icastico said…
Thanks for dropping by...I thought I already had you in my links list, but your note made me notice that I was remiss in adding you...that is now corrected.
Kevin said…
Thanks for adding me to your links Icastico.


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