Don't Call It a Comeback...

Considering the generous amount of feedback I received from the readers on the last post, I have decided to keep the heart of Eclectic Grooves pumping with as much new music as your ears can handle. I've got some amazing stuff coming down the pipeline in the next couple weeks, so please keep checking back on a regular basis.

Today, I am posting a re-up of a record that was first posted on Eclectic Grooves way back in April of 2007. Rather than retread familiar ground, I am going to direct you to the original posting of my review for Johnny Jenkin's stone-cold psychedelic blues classic Ton Ton Macoute. For those of you who aren't interested in checking out the original post, I will say that this version of "I Walk on Guilded Splinters" was sampled by the Dust Brothers on Beck's highly regarded anthem for the alternative nation, "Loser".

Click here to download Ton-Ton Macoute

I am working on a new Plain Brown Wrappers post, and despite the suggestions from a recent newcomer to Eclectic Grooves, I will not be divulging specifics about the genre of music contained in these posts. I believe that part of the fun is not knowing anything specific about the songs or the artists before you listen to it. I might give you a little hint here or there, but the whole point of this exercise is to blur the lines of the music to make you appreciate it without allowing preconceived notions about the artist, genre or time-frame to enter into your mind. After the artist from the first Plain Brown Wrappers post was guessed almost immediatley, I wanted to ensure that the next one was a little more of a brain teaser. I would love to hear if any of you have further ideas about this feature, as well as anything else on Eclectic Grooves.

Enjoy the Johnny Jenkins re-up, and prepare yourself for one of the most mind-bending musical excursions of your lifetime.


Advanced said… The World Music Database
Erik said…
Many thanks for this!!
icastico said…
Nice one. I missed it the first time around. Just added it to my Rhapsody playlist...they have a few of Jenkins records available, so people can buy this is they like it.
E.B. said…
Oh yeah, thanks, it's good.
i'm ready to have my mind bent. thanks !
Buck said…
Listening to it right now, what a good choice to re-post, thanks.
signals3_t5 said…
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