Waxidermy Mix #1

For those of you who don't know about the website Waxidermy, it is a collaborative effort put together by several music lovers who focus their attention on digging in the racks for rare gems. These guys search for vinyl that wasn't popular enough to appeal to the masses the first time around, and then they post a couple songs from their digging expeditions. It is updated almost every day, so there are always new sounds to be found. I have found this site to be a treasure trove of information and have expanded my listening repertoire quite a bit since discovering them over a year ago.

This mix that I am featuring today is called "Waxidermy Mix #1" because it is the first mix that I have compiled from the Waxidermy archives over the past year. Most of you won't be familiar with a lot of these artists, but rest assured that you will definitely dig this if you have enjoyed the previous mixes featured on Eclectic Grooves. I plan on featuring mixes more often, as I have a bunch of them on the backburner. So, I encourage you all to let me know what you like or dislike about the mixes and the artists featured. Your ongoing feedback on the music featured here is greatly appreciated and it will encourage me to post more often.

This mix features, spacey electronic, spoken word, mongolian rock, psychedelic, blues and psychedelic gospel.

Hope you guys enjoy the mix!

Felice Fugazza- Acceleration- 3:02
Opus Jazz- Introduction- 3:31
Neil Ardley- Persephones Jive- 3:26
Polish Jazz Quartet- Przechadzka- puustymni ulcami- 5:35
U.S. Atlantic Fleet Navy Show Band- Syrpentine Fire- 5:20
Bayan Mongol Variety Group- Bayan Mongol- 4:48
Troyka- Early Morning-3:56
Walt Rockman- Polluted Drums-1:44
Themlkakias and the Continentals- Dal Se Bami 77-4:55
The 3’s- Do You See-2:54
Suns of Truth- Give It Up-4:16
Langley High School Stage Band- Uptight-3:01
Hailu Mergia and the Walias- Musical Silt-3:59
Johnny Guitar Watson- Summertime-3:02

Total running time: 53 Minutes

Just a little taste of things to come: review of the recent release from avant-rock band Capillary Action, Space Age Mix and a new project that I am calling Everyday Music where I am going through my collection starting with the letter A and working my way to Z. Each day, I will be listening to one of these records and CD's and then writing a short review with Mp3's of select tracks. I feel that this will encourage me to listen to things that I already own and maybe grow to appreciate them more.

Link for mix in comments! Why not leave a comment while you're there?


Kevin said…
Waxidermy mix-

Anonymous said…
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Maurizio said…
I'll try it out.
Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I added you to my blogroll. It's nice to have a fellow Portland music blogger up there.

Peace ......Dr. Fever
Amo ergo sum said…
This is indeed a nice blog. Thanks for suggesting it to me. I have both reviewed and indexed your blog on my blog at:


Please feel free to provide me other (different than the ones I have used) tags if you like.

Would you mind adding my blog also to yours? If you need/ want there are buttons available, otherwise go for a text link. All fine with me. Thanks!

Keep up the good work and take good care.

Kevin said…

Please let me know what you think of the mix, and don't foreget to check out the Waxidermy site for more rare gems.

Dr. Johnny Fever:

I appreciate that you added me to your blogroll. I didn't realize that you were from Portland. Do you know other folks who are from Portland doing the music blogging thing? I only know of two others- Kill Ugly Radio and Untitled and Anonymous. It would be cool if the Portland bloggers banded together to create a community of like-minded people who wanted to share music. For example, featuring a post that discusses and promotes other bloggers in the area.

amo ergo sum:

Thanks for posting and reviewing my blog on your site! I appreciate any extra exposure that I can get for Eclectic Grooves. I have added a link to your blog on the left-hand side of my blog.

Best to all of you.


P.S. What do you guys think of the mix?
Anonymous said…
ermm.. hope you don't mind me asking-is it a 'mixed' mix or a 'one song ends another one starts' mix? Cos something on the line of the former would be deadly i.e.-http://www.bmbx.org/2007/04/09/fusione-vol-4-cd-1/#comments

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