For Doze Dat Slept

This is for those of you who missed the --dv--l-ny Original Samples when it was posted all over the message boards and hip-hop sites a couple months ago. Most of these were taken down because someone claiming he's the artist in question sent a random message on Myspace and requested that the files be taken down. After scouring the web for a couple hours, I finally hit the jackpot with a Sharebee link on Google that was cleverly disguised as a random title. I am being vague about the actual artist, because I don't want these files to be removed right away. However, those of you who know what the artists look like will recognize them in the photo above.

I'm not trying to go against the artist's wishes, but damn if these aren't the most obscure samples to ever be incorporated into a hip-hop record.

Further, I don't believe that it was the artist who actually sent the message. It's probably just some disgruntled fan of his music who felt that posting these original sample sources served as an injustice to his name. I mean let's think about this for a minute. How many musicians, movie stars, etc. actually run their own Myspace page anyway? These songs are public domain, so just think of this as being another eclectic batch of tunes that just happen to be related to this hip-hop maven. I will remove these sample sources if I receive a special request from the artist's record label to do so.

I'm not going to post a trackslist or tell you where the samples are used. You can figure out most of them if you listen to the artist's album. Sorry for being so cryptic, but I think you guys can figure it out.

Hope you enjoy this!

Link in comments! Please leave a comment while you're there.


Kevin said…
Anonymous said…
Hey Kevin,

Respect to you for putting this up. I was sorry to miss it when it was taken down off previous sites, so thanks so much for posting it!

Keep up the good work :)
basso said…
HI Kevin,
I hope you're doin better.
Thanks so much for this _ad__llain_ stuff.......
cheers, Basso
Cybasumo said…
I almost freaked out when i saw that guy behind him, i thought it was a glitch from the camera, but it was just cosplay.
basso said…
cannot open the file!
am i doing smth wrong?
Kevin said…
Anon: You're welcome. I'm glad you have the opportunity to download these songs this time around.

Basso: Thanks for stopping by man, and thanks for the kind words. As far as opening the file, let me check it out. Are you copying and pasting the link into a new internet explorer window, and then clicking enter? After you do this, it should open up the Sharebee page with the download link. Let me know if you continue to experience problems with this.

Cybasumo: Yeah, the mask is pretty intimidating. Maybe eventually Doom will reveal his true self, but I doubt that's anytime soon. What do you mean by cosplay?

Cheers and good wishes to all of you!

Anonymous said…
Thanks, beautifully eclectic
Anonymous said…
Joe said…
great post my friend, much appreciated
FANTASTIC! great to hear the full songs they pulled the samples from, i didnt recognize any of those samples by ear but now that i know what they are....very strange.
Just want you to know that although it's been a while since I've dropped by, I am keeping up to date with my Yahoo home page.

I sure hope that you continue on the fast track to a speedy and complete recovery!!!

Finally, thanks for sharing this collection of samples with us. Looking at the lineup reveals lots of scary choices to say the least, but that is a good thing since it says "Everything but the kitchen sink" on your blog header ;-)

Peace and blessings.
Ern Dogg said…
Nice thanks for the link..
Anonymous said…
Jason Grote said…
Cheers for this!
Anonymous said…
really dope blog. Ty very much.
Sleaze said…
Thanx for this Kev. You are a dope individual!
Class-E said…
Gyeehhh boyeeeee! Many 0 thanx
Unknown said…
re up???

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