Nigerian Funk Grooves

The Nigerian Police Force Band
- Asiko Mi Ni
Dan Satch & His Atomic 8 Dance Band of Aba- Alabeke

This compilation was released a couple weeks ago on Soundway Records. That's right, the same Soundway Records that released such gems as Afro Baby- The Evolution of the Afro Sound In Nigeria, 1970-1979 , Ghana Soundz Vol.1 and Ghana Soundz Vol.2. How can you go wrong here? The answer is you can't.

If you like african-fuzz guitar, afro-beat and infectious high-life music, run to your local record store and pick up this spectacular double-disc album showcasing the rarest Nigerian music out there. Soundway has done an amazing job with the packaging and have compiled extensive liner notes on the backgrounds of the musicians involved. It features an awe-inspiring mixture of high-life, afro-beat, jazz, blues and psych rock that will have you reaching for the repeat button every time. I am featuring a couple tunes from this for you to sample, but you will definitely want to have your own copy to hear in true stereo sound.

Buy it here!

Coming soon: Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor- live concerts from the Portland Jazz Fest 2008 and another eclectic mix.


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to Ornette & Cecil! Hell yeah!!
I saw this one featured at emusic last week but I wasn't too thrilled with the 30 second samples. I'll give your samples a try because one really needs to hear a track in its entirety to formulate a true opinion... As always, thanks for the share...
Kevin said…

I left a msg for you on Fufu Stew too, but just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the comment. Hope you keep stopping by!

Cheers, Kevin
Kevin said…

Ornette is up and Cecil is on the way!

Cheers, Kevin
Anonymous said…
Now that Hykkers track is pretty hot with the disjointed guitar chops... I'm gonna go ahead and pick it up just because. It really is difficult to judge how good an album is on emusic just from the snippet since the real meat of a particular track lies within the solo work, be it a guitar lick or a horn riff. They don't always go there; I think they just pick 30 seconds at random which is kind of silly in some respects. Oh well, can't win 'em all I guess.
Kevin said…

I agree that the Hykkers track is dope. Jagged guitars spliced with funky rhythms. You will most likely dig the rest of this comp. There are some more like this track, but the whole collection is pretty eclectic.

redrichie said…
This album is, indeed, super. There's also the "Nigeria Rock Special" I'd recommend that I just got recently. Fuzzed up psych nonsense. Is magic!
D.J CHEECH said…

afro beat
miam bass
rare grooves


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