Best Music of 2007 Part 2

As promised, here is the next installment from my Best of 2007 list. I hope you enjoy it!

6)People- Misbegotten Man

I first read heard about these guys after reading an article in Signal To Noise a couple months ago. This creative duo from Brooklyn, NY creates abrasive math-rock that combines propulsive free jazz drumming with atonal guitar noodling. The kicker is that singer/guitarist Mary Halverson (guitarist for Anthony Braxton and Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsan) sings in a style that evokes a 30's style jazz torch singer and this is fused with Kevin Shea's frenzied scattershot drumming. Incredibly infectious ear candy for adventurous listeners.

From: Misbegotten Man

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7)Nina Nastasia and Jim White- You Follow Me

I already wrote about this album earlier this year. You can find that post here along with four more tracks from this album. Nastasia's fragile vocals are complemented perfectly by the inventive drumming of Jim White from Australia's dynamic trio The Dirty Three.

From: You Follow Me

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8)The Dirty Projectors- Rise Above-

I saw the Dirty Projectors at Satyricon during the annual Music Fest NW in Portland, OR, and was completely awestruck at their performance. The Dirty Projectors is essentially the brainchild of extremely prolific one-man band Dave Longstreth. Since 2002, the Dirty Projectors have released 6 full-length records and one ep. Each record has explored a new type of music or concept, and Rise Above is no exception to this rule. Rise Above is a concept album that Longstreth was inspired to explore after finding an empty CD case to Black Flag's Damaged. This is the end result of his reimagining the album from memory. It is a funky soul-inflected avant garde juggernaut with Longstreth's quavering vocals and the incredible stop-start dynamics of Brian McOmber on drums. Repeated listens reveal an expertly crafted record with heart and soul that would make Black Flag proud.

Dirty Projectors- Depression and Rise Above
From: Rise Above

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9)Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings- 100 Days, 100 Nights

I have been eagerly anticipating a new Sharon Jones record since 2005's satisfyingly funky Naturally. 100 Days, 100 Nights is a full-blown soul record in the spirit of Aretha Franklin and Roberta Flack records from the heyday of 60's soul. Check out the ultra-funky vamping bassline combined with Sharon's soul-stirring delivery on "Nobody's Baby".

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings- Answer Me and Nobody's Baby
From: 100 Days, 100 Nights

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10) Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass

I've been listening to Aesop Rock since around 2001, when I first heard the double entendre-laced lyrical paradise that is Labor Days. Aesop's latest record None Shall Pass takes his rhyming and prodcution to the next level. Shades of Blockhead's production and Aesop's old-school storytelling from Labor Days can be heard on the hauntingly poetic "Fumes". Aesop's tongue twisting rhyme techniques are in full effect on "Five Fingers" where he lashes out a mind boggling amount of words in a small amount of space. Check out these lyrics from Five Fingers: "Gotta configure the five fingers so the hot wire vehicular skill is applicable and for eyes on the prize and the itch aint flush to hope the fruits of your labor roll in the initial rush". He definitely brings his A-game on this stellar record filled with a plethora of riddles and rhymes for the hip-hop heads.

Aesop Rock-
Fumes and Five Fingers
From: None Shall Pass

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Here is the zip file for all of the tracks in this post.

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