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A couple people requested this out-of-print release from the amazing Nevada City folk singer Alela Diane, so here you go. Forest Parade was originally self-released and hand-made by Alela herself, but it is no longer available to buy in any format. I was fortunate enough to find these files on the internet several months ago after an exhaustive search. Those of you who were lucky enough to purchase a copy of this before it went out of print were undoubtedly graced with a beautiful handmade CD made completely by Alela's hands. I did get my hands on a Pirates Gospel limited edition CD with beautiful hand lettered art and graphics. Well worth the money!

Forest Parade is a hauntingly minimal record filled with fragile vocals and lightly plucked guitar that relaxes your body and mind. Each song features Alela on vocals and guitar with very few overdubs and minimal accompaniment. These songs cast a seductive spell on the listener that can't be broken until the final seconds of the album unfold. This is really captivating and heart-wrenching folk that would appeal to people who dig classic folk like Sibylle Baier and Karen Dalton, as well as current favorites like Cat Power and Laura Gibson.
I featured a couple songs from Alela's The Pirates Gospel on my Best of 2006 list last year. I don't think the links are still up , but you can check out my review on the record here. If you like Forest Parade, please check out Alela's website or Myspace page to purchase her other stuff that is still in print. Also check out her tour dates, as she might be coming to your town soon.

In the upcoming weeks, I have a lot of interesting stuff that I will be showcasing here such as a rare soul gem from Lee Moses. Stay tuned to that dial!
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Kevin said…
Alela Diane- Forest Parade
"Betty" said…
thanks so so much!
Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing!
whiteray said…
Thanks -- this sounds like a good 'un!
L said…
Goodness, Thanks SO much for making this and keeping this gem available. What a great songwriter and such haunting tunes. Everytime I listen to Pirate's Gospel, I am captivated. Can't wait to see her live. Very curious about "White Teeth" - I'll have to find that one to buy.
Deanna said…
Thanks! I have a Pirate's Gospel, but I haven't heard this one yet. Looking forward to it!
Anonymous said…

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