Aural Film Noir Excursions Redux

Back by popular demand! Well, not really, but I had to say it. Recently, a person that goes the by the initials "LD" requested that this film noir mix be re-upped. Thanks to "LD", those of you who didn't get a chance to hear/download this before will get a second chance. It was originally posted on January 8, 2007, back when Eclectic Grooves was still in it's early stages of development. If you want to see the original post for this, please go here.

I love compiling mix-tapes/Cd's, but this one was a real labor of love. I believe that this mix is my greatest achievement. I would love to hear what you think about the mix.

Aural Film Noir Excursions Re-up

Here's the setlist:


It has been brought to my attention by one of the visitors that this link has expired, so I am posting a new link so that more readers can download this mix. Please remember that I will try to grant most requests to re-up links on here as long as the downloads in question are out of print and not in violation of any copyright laws.

New link is in comments.

Re-upped on 1/22/2012


highbrowser said…
an eclectic noir feast. an excellent compilation from beginning to end. glad i found this one.

Kevin said…

I'm glad that you enjoyed the mix and thanks for your kind words. I'm pretty proud of the mix and I am happy to share it with others and get their opinion. If you want to know when the site is updated, please subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking the Feedburner link on the left side of the page. Hope you keep coming back.

Best, Kevin
highbrowser said…

no worries, i've got your site bookmarked and check in regularly. i realize how much work these things are so like to show appreciation. keep it up. til next time.

Anonymous said…
Great mix. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
thx for the noir mix!!
Nice work Kevin, the Noir comp is excellent!

Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in!

I've stuck it on here if you don't mind;

Thanks Again!
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to submit my thanks for this wonderful mix. Truly astounding stuff.

I attempted something similar a ways back, though I am really diggin' this more.

Your admirer,
Kevin said…
Thanks to all of you who have commented on the mix. I really appreciate the feedback.

Musicgnome: Thanks for your kind words! I will check out your mix soon, cause I am interested in anything that has a noir vibe to it.
Xtabay said…
Great comp wish I'd done it. I've linked to your page on my blog.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. This is great.
L said…
Gee whiz, Sorry it took so long to return. I am delighted to see the compilation available again (and shocked to see me cited as the reason). I think I owe you something more than mere thanks. - LD
Bryzo said…
I'm a major film noir fan and this mix is the perfect soundtrack. Cheers mate!
Anonymous said…
Just discovered this brilliant mix!
Lo-o-o-ove it!
Kevin said…
Anonymous said…
The track titled "Roger Thornhill" is not Thornhill, but Cary Grant in Hitchcock´s North by Northwest.
Anonymous said…
Oh, but that was the name of the character he portrayed. My bad! Anyway, is North by Northwest to be considered Film Noir?
Kevin said…
New link-
gpdlt2010 said…
Thank you. One of the better film noir compilation!
Dr. B said…
Man, so so so awesome.
Some favourite tracks on here.
Thanks so much for putting this together.
A lot of stuff to exalt over.
Dr. B said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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