All Hallows Eve

I came up with some non-traditional Halloween songs for this post. These songs are all made by artists who aren't typically known for crafting spooky music, but they still evoke the Halloween spirit.

Lenny Bruce: My Werewolf Mama

This is an extremely rare track featuring Lenny Bruce on vocals, sounding like a demented cross between Screaming Jay Hawkins and Tom Waits. It features such fiendish lyrics as "Bite me on the neck- I said bite me on the neck- When you stop bitin' I'll be a total wreck- You're my werewolf mama- freaky as you can be" This should start your Halloween off on the right foot.

Dean Gitter: The Reaper's Ghost

I don't know much about Dean Gitter, but I spotted this track on the absolutely incredible Scar Stuff site. Eerie thoughts enter your mind when lyrics like "The reaper crossed the hayfield as sets the blood-red sun" are sung over a delicately strummed acoustic guitar. Here is a link to his post on this album. The site is comprised of many rare and out-of-print Halloween albums archived in Zip file format for your downloading pleasure. Check it out for a true Halloween experience!

Jandek: What Can I Say, What Can I sing?

While this track doesn't have anything to do with Halloween, ghosts are lurking in every pluck of the strings. Jandek evokes a detached spirit as he moans over repetitive minor-key guitar chords that never seem to end. This track is for people who want to hear a raw and unproduced obscure musical visionary. If you want to find out more info about Jandek, he has an official website called Guide to Jandek.

Quixotic: Open Up the Walls

Of the artists featured today, Quixotic is the only group that has a Halloween-ish sound. This song reminds one of evil witches casting magical spells on their unsuspecting victims. With lyrics like Before the hours of the night are slipping into daylight- do you notice is something not right? The snaking guitar chords and shuffling drums provide a dark and eerie backdrop for Christina Billotte's wonderfully haunting vocals. Absolutely enticing.


Theo said…
Im sorry i missed these tunes!
Jandek really is great, takes a while to understand.

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